Why Hillary voters are just as deadly as Trump voters


As you watch Tump, especially now with Chicago–which has only fueled his vitriol even more, I hope you now get why for years I have been hammering everybody so hard to recognize psychopathy in politicians. I was hammering hard for twenty years my warning that global warming was going to cause the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) and cause 20 feet of rapid sea level rise.

I was the only guy on the planet doing so, but then in May 2014, NASA showed that I was right, even though I was the only guy sounding the alarm. Then in July 2015, Dr. James Hansen showed that we are now locked into ten feet of global sea level rise over the next fifty years and accelerated rates of further increase in the decades following.

I told you so.

So don’t blow off my warning about psychopaths. They are conscienceless which makes them pathologically lying monsters who will murder millions like the Bush war in Iraq. I’m especially directing this to Hillary supporters. Science shows that Hillary is a psychopath too. While she might end up being less bad than a Trump presidency–perhaps just because of her Supreme Court appointments–she’s just as lethal, and you Hil-liary supporters better open your minds and get real!

Please read my Democracy or Pathocracy essay before you make a contribution or vote for Hillary. I promise you you will regret your vote for Hillary just as Democrats regret their votes for Bill Clinton who did what a second term of George H.W. Bush could not do: get GATT and NAFTA passed.

When you look at all the closed factories, remember that it was Bill Clinton who caused that, way before Bush added to it. Hillary hasn’t renounced it. Hillary means fracking and planet death. Do not vote for Hillary because she’s a woman! Do you know what a dangerous voter you would be if you voted for a woman who will bring down the planet just so you could feel good about electing a woman? That’s as insane as being a Trump voter.

Look what Bill Clinton did to the black community with his drug war and mandatory minimums. Look what he did to the nation’s economy by ending Glass-Steagall and deregulating the banks. Your family might not have suffered–especially if you’re white–but half of the wealth owned by the totality of black Americans was wiped out in 2008 and hasn’t returned at all. HALF! And as Bernie is always reminding us, black youth unemployment is currently over 50%!

Save the honor of the first woman president for Elizabeth Warren. Abandon Hillary NOW!

Keep in mind too, that I am really, really prescient. I organized the world’s first anti-GMO grassroots campaign and was the first guy to take down part of the GMO industry too (way back in 1987!). 15 years later the BBC named me a World Historic Figure for that. But I would soooooo much more prefer to get Bernie elected than ever again get recognized personally for anything.

Let’s elect Bernie! Hillary voters: don’t become the enemy of the American people and the people in the Middle East who will be destroyed by Hillary’s next war there! She’s already destroyed Libya without any help from Bush! Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recently said that she was the force that made the difference in Obama’s decision to strike there.

Don’t kill the planet with your vote. Page 497 of her book Hard Choices shows that she doesn’t even know the difference between Arctic sea ice and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. There’s 20 feet of global sea level rise difference!

She’s not going to clear the coasts of nuclear power plants in time. We’ve only got 25 years to do that, and it currently takes 60 years to decommission them. If she doesn’t do that, then in 30 years people will look back on her and lament that those who elected her in 2016 caused 100 coastal nuclear power plants to go Fukushima on them in 2040. You’ll regret your vote far more than those who elected Bill Clinton.

The reason I’m the only guy who talked about these things is not because I’m wrong. I wasn’t wrong about GMO bacteria or the collapsing WAIS and I am definitely not wrong about all of the Republicans running for President and Hillary being psychopaths. All of these people already have a track record–except Ben Carson perhaps–of destroying lives. (But he tried to murder people as a boy. He just didn’t succeed!)

I just happen to care immensely, do my homework, work relentlessly, and am really, really smart. I hope Hillary supporters will in the end get smart, rather than causing The End. because my least favorite words to say are “I told you so.”


Democracy or Pathocracy?