Which of the twelve characteristics of the Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-SV) does Donald Trump not possess?

Which of the twelve characteristics of the Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-SV) does Donald Trump not possess?

If he has eight of twelve he’s a psychopath. I think he has all of the first ten. Actually the way to properly score it is to give one or two points to each characteristic that applies to Trump. One point if the characteristic sometimes applies, two if it is characteristic of him. A score of sixteen is the threshold for a psychopath. Most of the rest of us score between 0-3.

1 – Deceitful, Pathological Lying. Relentless lying, without shame.

2 – Grandiose Sense of Self Worth (plays by own rules, ignoring society’s rules).

3 – Glibness/Superficial Charm.

4 – Lack of Remorse and Guilt.

5 – Callous/Lacks Empathy/Insensitivity to the Suffering of Others.

6 – Doesn’t Accept Responsibility for Own Actions.

7 – Is Irresponsible.

8 – Has a History of Adult Antisocial Behavior.

9 – Has a History of Poor Behavioral Control.

10 – Is Impulsive.

11 – Lacks Goals.

12 – Has a History of Adolescent Antisocial Behavior.

I don’t know about his adolescence, so I score him 2 points for each of the first ten characteristics for 20 points. However, you could say his lack of specifics or his preposterous proposals for every issue represents a lack of any realistic pragmatic goals. I don’t know if that would count therapeutically.

You can read much more in my most read essay and upcoming ebook, “Frank Underwood’s Warning: American Democracy or Republican Pathocracy? A New Common Sense.” Once you understand the checklist, it becomes perfectly obvious that every one of the Republican presidential candidates and Hillary Clinton meet the diagnostic criteria for psychopaths. I would love to see people make videos showing how each of these candidates display these twelve characteristics.

So what does it mean that the Republican party only offers its voters psychopaths for president? The key characteristic of a psychopath is consciencelessness. That’s why we have policies that destroy entire third world nations, abandon the working and lower classes, veterans, and abused women to lives of despair and violence, and collapse polar ice sheets in spite of the fact that 99.99% of climate scientsts now say man-made global warming is a big problem and scientist have warned about this issue for 35 years.


  1. He’s a narcissist, not a P.


    For mental-health professionals, Donald Trump is at once easily diagnosed but slightly confounding. “Remarkably narcissistic,” said developmental psychologist Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education. “Textbook narcissistic personality disorder,” echoed clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis. “He’s so classic that I’m archiving video clips of him to use in workshops because there’s no better example of his characteristics,” said clinical psychologist George Simon, who conducts lectures and seminars on manipulative behavior. “Otherwise, I would have had to hire actors and write vignettes. He’s like a dream come true.”


  2. Snakes in Suits, p41
    ‘The real problem for others is when narcissistic features, especially a sense of entitlement and a lack of empathy, shade into antisocial and destructive behaviors. When this happens, the pattern might be described as aggressive or malignant narcissism, which is difficult to distinguish from psychopathy.’

  3. You haven’t published my comment that malignant narcissists are almost indistinguishable from psychopaths (‘Snakes in suits’).

    The huge difference between narcissists and psychopaths is that Ns have emotions, Ps don’t.

    This means that Ns actively seek out attention for its own sake e.g. Trump splashing his name all over his properties. Ps seek out attention as it means they can use it for instrumental purposes, much like a newbie in Hollywood might seek out attention in order to get well known. Ps honestly couldn’t give a damn about attention, though if they get it they appreciate it as much as anyone else (there are several blogs written by Ps and I remember reading this on one of them).

    It also means that Ns explode in rage when their inadequate inner self is being challenged. And it expresses itself in black and white thinking e.g. the ‘golden’ child and the ‘scapegoat’ in the family.

      1. Negative ones. Rage in particular. But you might be right. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen him happy, but then again all I see is him being raging nuts on the T.V.
        But N’s aren’t happy, from what I’ve read.
        I know a lot more about psychopaths than I do N’s, having suffered from one and done an absolute ton of research on them. He seems to be too raging, too much into scapegoats and black and white thinking to be a P, though I suppose he could be an abrasive, bullying P.
        Maybe he’s a psychopathic narcissist, or a narcissistic psychopath, since disorders can overlap.
        Either way America is absolutely nuts to even consider him electable. From this side of the pond we shake our heads in disbelief.

        1. Being a candidate for federal office myself has given me some insights I wouldn’t otherwise have. When I first thought about running for office, which was in 2006, the first thing to strike me was the realization of all the issues I don’t know shit about. Ever since, I have focused on learning about them. I still have much to learn! This is something I think anybody with a conscience would do.

          When the Republicans respond to the climate crisis by saying, “I’m not a scientist,” I think that reveals their utter consciencelsessness. There job is to become expert on anything that could destroy the planet and do whatever it takes to save the nation! Otherwise, your getting elected could kill the planet! Likewise when these people talk about wiping out ISIS/ISIL or Hillary wiping out the nation of Libya, or blind support for Israel.

          This putting your prestige and desire for power ahead of the very lives of billions is something I think only a psychopath would do. So it’s not Trump’s rhetoric that I am responding to. That does sound very narcissistic. You have to look at the attitude of someone as ignorant as he is–and all of the Republicans running for president and Hillary who doesn’t know the difference between melting Arctic sea ice and Antarctic ice sheets collapsing–boosting his ego trip at the expense of millions or billions dead.

  4. Agree with these traits, but I think it pegs him more as a sociopath, n’est pas? Plus, his ghost writer described him as such, including a short attention span – attention deficit traits.

    It seems corporate psychopaths would be more like Hillary. They’re harder to spot, whereas Trump is pretty obvious with his pathology. Clinton has focus, knows how to conform to certain outward social behaviors. She has behavioral control and ambitious, focused goals (she’s wanted to be President for a long time, right?) But anyone who did what she did to Libya or Honduras – or the crime bill – or the so-called welfare reform – well, it’s indicative of a pathology – similarly without empathy or conscience.

    I read that corporate psychopaths have same brain scans as psychopaths; it is testable. On the other hand, sociopaths have the same brain scans as ordinary people. Psychopaths truly lack empathy. They don’t feel anything. Sociopaths lack empathy, but there’s a little bit in there. They tend to feel a sense of justification for what they do to others (which you could see in someone like Trump) whereas corporate psychopaths just don’t feel anything at all – it’s kind of neutral and removed (more like Clinton).

    Golly gee, a race between a sociopath and a corporate psychopath. Choose your disease!

    Better yet, vote for an independent, a third party or write-in.

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