Where Paul Krugman Sees Republican Political Cruelty That Murders 200,000 Americans Caffrey Sees a Ruthless Pathocracy That Must Be Ousted

My Response to Paul Krugman’s New York Times column “Understanding Republican Cruelty,” 6/30/17:

Too bad Paul Krugman, like everyone else in mainstream media, is still in denial about the horrifying truth of our current political reality. He doesn’t even answer his own question, “Why would anyone want to do this?”
He looks to political arguments for the answer and just presumes as some kind of sick normal the literal consciencelessness of people who would kill 208,500 Americans. It is viewed by Republican voters as normal moral behavior because it has been normalized by the media as so.
Even MSNBC is now hiring and praising over the air unconvicted neocon mass murderers as admirable consultants.
Krugman doesn’t consider why ALL of the Republicans elected into the federal government lack a true moral foundation behind their political convictions and arguments.
“The puzzle — and it is a puzzle, even for those who have long since concluded that something is terribly wrong with the modern G.O.P. — is why the party is pushing this harsh, morally indefensible agenda,” asks Krugman
But he doesn’t seem to realize that only people without conscience act for decades so ruthlessly consciencelessly. However, he can turn to science for his answers. He can compare their actions to Robert D. Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-SV). Once done, it becomes crystal clear since such a vote and all the other similar votes like denying climate destabilization reveal:
1 – Deceitful, Pathological Lying. Relentless lying, without shame.
2 – Grandiose Sense of Self Worth (plays by own rules, ignoring society’s rules).
3 – Lack of Remorse and Guilt.
4 – Callous/Lacks Empathy/Insensitivity to the Suffering of Others.
5 – Doesn’t Accept Responsibility for Own Actions.
6 – Is Irresponsible.
7 – Has a History of Adult Antisocial Behavior.
8 – Has a History of Poor Behavioral Control.
9 – Is Impulsive.
10 – Lacks Goals.
If a person has eight out of the total of 12 on the list, the person is very likely a psychopath. But not a peep about psychopathy from Krugman.
So when Krugman sees, “the modern G.O.P. basically consists of career apparatchiks who live in an intellectual bubble,” I answer NO! You have to consider first what kind of person allows himself to become a “career apparatchik who lives in an intellectual bubble…” and votes to murder 200,000 of his countrymen!
Only a person without conscience, only psychopaths, would do that! Only psychopaths–not people who are moral but simply have some bad ideas about incorrect models of reality–would gleefully and pridefully and needlessly cause
“… vast suffering — including, according to the best estimates, around 200,000 preventable deaths — imposed on many of our fellow citizens in order to give a handful of wealthy people what amounts to some extra pocket change.”
The decades of this pattern of mass violence (“Murder by Numbers” as the Police song calls it), like remorselessly murdering 1.5 million Iraqis and destroying entire nations over a lie that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and another lie that he helped Osama bin Laden, reveal a pattern of large groups of psychopaths running our nation, in control of our democracy. That is called a pathocracy:
“What it does — punish [and murder] the poor and working class, cut taxes on the rich — is what every major G.O.P. policy proposal does.”
So Krugman is distracted by his view of mindless apparatchiks hypnotized by Fox News (sic). He should be seeing the pathocracy instead. His argument leads us to conclude that we need to battle with ideas these murderous, nation-gobbling monsters running and ruining our nation and the planet. My conclusion leads to just one conclusion: we must oust these treacherous, planet-killing traitors before they destroy everything that anybody has ever loved. If we don’t, then it’s Earth RIP in the 21st century.