Trump Visiting Houston is Like Hitler Checking on the Jews

Capitalism IS the Global Warming Problem

#Caffrey2018 #EcotopianDemocrats Capitalism IS the global warming problem. There aren’t market solutions to global warming because the market system is the cause of global warming.
The capitalist market system is why people have been able to buy fossil fuels to the point of polar ice sheet collapse when we needed to get off of them ever since we learned about global warming 37 years ago.
Instead atmospheric carbon dioxide has gone up 80 ppm since then, when it was critical for human survival that it go down rapidly. So, we get Houston.
Capitalism IS the global warming problem! Capitalism owns all of our politicians. It owns our way of life. Capitalism and its politicians are not going to prevent the next Houston or the next 100 Houstons.
An international emergency effort to get humanity off fossil fuels in ten years is the only sane, moral path forward. We need the same social, political, and economic focus we put into fighting world wars.
Maybe that will buy us time to relocate civilization out of the way of rapid sea level rise of 20 feet this century and 63 feet over the next 100-200 years.
An electoral revolution to oust petrocratic plutocrats from Congress is our only hope. And you and your support of it are our only hope. Please contribute to my 2018 Congressional campaign today! Before the Greenland ice sheet collapses.