Trump Paris Climate Decision Undermines National Security Caffrey Calls For Immediate Impeachment

Today on MSNBC, Ali Velshi pointed out that Republican and Petrocratic Democratic denial of global warming and the mass conspiracy by them to promote this treason (my words, not Ali’s) is a phenomenon unique to the United States. Thirty-seven years of policies by these politicians have driven atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations to levels not seen for millions of years, reaching 409 ppm in April way beyond the natural range of 170-280 ppm over the last 2 million years. These actions are the direct cause of what NASA announced in 2014, the “unstoppable” collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and twenty feet of rapid sea level rise.

This means that every square foot of the coastlines of 132 nations will be under twenty feet of water by the end of the century, the greatest act of war in the history of the world! This is also the greatest act of war ever waged against the United States. It is why our sworn oath to defend the Constitution includes defending it from domestic enemies: traitorous politicians!

In 2015, Dr. James Hansen’s team announced that we will see the first ten feet of sea level rise over the next fifty years. This means all of our coastal nuclear power plants are doomed to go Fukushima in 25-35 years since they are sited only five feet above sea level. SAFSTOR, the U.S. procedure for decommissioning nuclear power plants, takes sixty years. So I am calling for the initiation of the decommissioning this year of all of our nation’s coastal nuclear power facilities. This is now our greatest threat to national security. We know the waves are coming and there is no stopping them.

Now there is a new sea level report prepared for the state of California. It is warning of ten feet of sea level rise over the next seventy years. It also warns that we are on the brink of triggering the collapse of the Greenland ice sheet and producing an additional 24 feet of global sea level rise.

We must now get off fossil fuels as fast as humanly possible to prevent 44 feet of sea level rise from becoming locked into our future. The New Green America agenda I espouse calls for a national emergency effort to retool our infrastructure around bioregional ecological limits to get the nation off fossil fuels in ten years. Nothing less than that has a chance of protecting the integrity of the Greenland ice sheet.

Any politicians promoting contrary views is preaching the words of the greatest traitors in our nation’s history. Impeach Trump now! Oust the Petrocrats from Congress and prosecute them as traitors for undermining our national security! Organize direct actions to shut down the offices of the Petrocrats and demand their resignations unless they legislate to get us off fossil fuels in ten years and to decommission our coastal nuclear power plants before it’s too late! It can become too late!

Trump’s mental illnesses have never been more apparent than today when he announced he was more concerned with stopping people from laughing at him than he is in protecting Americans who live in our coastal communities and their property. Trump has turned the war on coal into the Republican war on America’s coastlines!

Read this new report today!

California submerging: Rising seas are claiming its famed coast faster than scientists imagined

Check out the videos of James Hansen’s study and the threat of six feet of sea level rise to the entire California Central Valley water supply for 26 million people. See that we now must build a $2.5 billion dam across the Golden Gate because of the fossil fuel conspiracy that has triggered the collapse of Earth’s polar ice sheets. These videos and my two Crisis in the Cryosphere radio shows lay out the national security threat  waged by fossil-fuel politicians.

Politics for Era of Polar Ice Sheet Collapse

So why is everyone in the media ignoring collapsing ice sheets instead of challenging the politicians who caused this collapse as traitors to our national security? Anyone at MSNBC or CNN listening? It’s time for you to confront politicians to produce national security plans to guarantee polar ice sheet integrity.

And media and politicians, please stop using the 97% of scientists agree on global warming figure. That’s outdated. It is now 99.99%! It’s time to start calling out the climate denialists as Reality Deniers!

Please read:

The 97 Percent Scientific Consensus on Climate Change Is Wrong—It’s Even Higher. The debate on global warming is over. Way over.


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  1. What an idiot. The House of Representatives is the body of government that brings impeachment proceedings against a President. What party controls the House of Representatives. THATS RIGHT……the REPUBLICANS. How many seat advantage do they have. 45……thats right. So the dope head believes he can convince 68 Republicans in the House to reach 60% majority…….What are the chances this freak can get the Republicans to impeach the Newly Duely Elected President of the US? Thats right!!!!! ZERO! Haven’t you got Russian unicorns to look for

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