Too Little Too Late Jared Huffman Accomplishes NOTHING in Critical Five Years for Climate Action

Today I make my first 2018 campaign public challenge to my opponent Congressman Jared Huffman at his Garberville town hall meeting. I’m going to ask if he is willing to debate me at least once in each of the six counties in our district and at least three times online.

I’m also going to remind him that when we first ran against each other in 2011-2012, three reports came out saying we had to make urgent action to restabilize the climate by five years hence. Now those five years have passed and Huffman–a Clinton Super Delegate–has accomplished absolutely nothing to change our fate.

So in light of this and Trump’s likely announcement this week of withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, all this week I’ll be sharing with you some of the fundamental materials I’ve prepared during my Congressional campaigns to help us all understand the polar ice sheet crisis and the urgency of getting off fossil fuels in ten years or less.

Here is my post about the three reports which warned we only had five years from 2011-2012. Please share these widely!

5 Years to Fight Climate Crisis