There is No Such Thing as Terrorism P. 1: 2X as Likely Your Toddler Will Kill You With a Gun as a Terrorist Will

“In 2015, 5,376 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States. This averages to one crash-related pedestrian death every 1.6 hours.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Pedestrian Safety

2,997 people were murdered on 9/11. If you include that number, from 1975-2015, 3,024 Americans were killed by foreign-born terrorists. Outside of 9/11 (2,983 were Americans), that’s 41 Americans killed by foreign-born terrorists from 1975-2015 or ONE PER YEAR!

Armed toddlers kill twice as many Americans as terrorists do every year. So it is twice as likely that your toddler will crawl over and get a gun and kill you as it is that ISIS will kill you!

Yet we launched $6 trillion dollar wars in the name of the lie that they will prevent another 9/11, while the Republicans conspired to keep us from passing infrastructure bills that would save thousands of pedestrians.

So as you watch these wall-to-wall coverage TV reports about terrorists killing pedestrians with vans, realize that you are being shown this so that you think terrorists are a threat to you and your family and to our way of life. It’s so you support unquestioned neocon war initiatives around the world, the repressive entrenchment of the surveillance state at home, and the disintegration of our cherished personal civil liberties everywhere we go.

We need MASSIVE cuts in the war budgets and trillions spent on building green infrastructures. This is especially crucial to get to a post-fossil-fuel world as fast as possible since these same neocon Petrocrats caused carbon dioxide to get so high that the polar ice sheets are disintegrating and melting and we now have a 100% chance of sea levels rising 20 feet over the next century.

These neocon domestic enemies and Christian terrorists have sold out the guaranteed obliteration of every square foot of America’s coastal property for the sake of their terrorist and traitorous benefactors running the fossil-fuel industries.

Cost-benefit analysis is never applied to anti-terrorism expenditures when measures are justified in the name of “national security.” This is why we must now ubiquitously talk about measures to address global warming as essential to protecting our national security, for fighting our greatest national security threat: a War on Climate Destabilization and the collapse of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets and protection from the resultant tens of feet of sea level rise this century.

If you are above retirement age, then on average, you have paid $100,000 of your taxes over your lifetime to fight these bogus wars of mass terrorism, genocide, and nation-crushing by your government running the USA, which has been for decades, since the end of World War II, the Terrorist States of America.

The real terrorist threat you should put all of your energy into is to oust the Republicans and Petrocratic Democrats from power and lock up all those traitors in prison for the rest of their lives! The best way to join that effort, is to contribute to my 2018 Congressional campaign and host my Clear the Coasts of Nuclear Power US road show.

When Trump made his speech last week about withdrawing from the Paris Accord, as he was undermining the security of billions of humans and the protection of all of coastal America from the “unstoppable” collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, he ironically and perversely argued, “As President, I can put no other consideration before the wellbeing of American citizens.”

But in light of the murders in London this weekend he made his priority the saving of that one American each year who is killed by a foreign-born terrorist! He tweeted, “We need travel ban as an extra level of safety.” His priority is to save that person from the least likely cause on death in America! The only way it could be a less likely cause of death is if it killed zero people each year! In which case, it would not be a cause of death at all!

So when I see a mass hypnotic media frenzy over a  gun/bomb/driving killing by some psychopaths who claim religious motives, I wonder why the hell none of these journalists and pundits are freaking out about the 15 pedestrians who were killed in the US today. I wonder why no one at MSNBC or CNN actually examined the current state of Earth’s ecosystems and climate stability when they covered Trump’s Paris announcement. (Thank you to Chris Matthews for his one-liner about sea levels in his commentary.) How could journalists evaluate the value of the Paris Accord without comparing it to how far advanced climate destabilization and ice sheet collapse are at this point? It’s Mass Media Madness!

If you want to freak out about and actually do something to prevent the handful of killings that happen each year by people who claim Islamic motives, then why don’t we look at ourselves and do everything we can to get rid of the American politicians who are destroying the nations of the foreign-born murderers and from which comes the inspiration of the domestic religiously-justified murderers and stop trying to wipe out entire cultures while we’re at it?

Religion doesn’t cause people to become murderers or terrorists. Psychopathic murderers use religion to justify their actions. That’s how we should describe them. We should not give their religious claims any credence at all.

It’s time to end the bogus war on terror. Unless, that is, you want to launch a war against twice as big a threat to Americans, a War on Babies with Guns!

It’s time for a HUGE change to all of this, don’t you think? Let’s get going, shall we?