The “Legendary DJ Gandy” KMUD Interview with Didgeridoo Magician Stephen Kent and Music by Baraka Moon & Airtist

If you want to have some truly fantastic musical fun for a couple of hours tonight then check out my 3-hour trance music KMUD radio show from Tuesday in which I interviewed and extensively explored the multicultural trance music of didgeridoo master Stephen Kent, his band Baraka Moon, and the punk bio-organic trance music monsters Airtist!
After you listen to this, you will walk around for the next few days in a continuous spell of echoes of this fine musical journey into the beyond with peace, joy, and electoral revolution in your heart, soulful musical comrades in harm-onies.
Last night at the show we had a tall guy proudly wearing his Trump “Make America Great Again” red hat. After the show I asked him and his wife if they liked it. They loved it! All good for them! They had the ecstasy! No one gave them a hard time. They got the full musical reality with the rest of us whirling dervish flying hippies! They walked away with big smiles and cleansed souls. We can only eagerly anticipate how far that will go.
But I bet this guy brings friends with him the next time these bands come back to town!
In the next blog post I’ll share the second KMUD Baraka Moon show this week featuring studio interviews and performances with all members of both bands that we conducted yesterday just hours before the show.
Listen to the show: