Super Tuesday results show Bernie on the way to winning Democratic nomination!

Other than Massachusetts, which she only won by a razor slim margin of 50.1% to Bernie’s 49.2%, Hillary Clinton could only win Super Tuesday victories in conservative southern states with large numbers of minorities. There are not many more states  yet to vote with huge numbers of minorities.

Bernie Sanders won all four of the other five states outside of the south, including Oklahoma, which has the most conservative Democrats out of all the Super Tuesday states.

The pundits are clueless and missing all of this. They  just look at the large advantage in delegates that Hillary has today and her Super Delegate advantage, but that is no indicator of things to come. This is:

Despite Hillary’s victories today, if you add up the votes of all the Super Tuesday states, Bernie won white men 54-44%. That’s in all the states! Mostly southern states! The socialist did that!

But Hillary won white women, blacks, and hispanics:

  • White Women: only a 50% advantage to Bernie’s 48%. So it’s already almost a 50:50 split with white women! Hillary has almost lost her advantage with women!
  • Blacks 83% to Bernie’s 15%
  • Hispanics 67% to Bernie’s 33%

So this bodes well for Bernie! He’s not going to drop below 48% among white women, and he can only go up among blacks and hispanics, and he’s creaming Hillary with white men.

Even before Super Tuesday the writing was on the wall:

Hillary’s only big win was also in a heavily black southern state, South Carolina 73.5% to 26%.

Other than that, she won Iowa by a coin toss 49.9% to 49.6% and the Nevada caucus by a slim 52.6% to 47.3%.

Bernie crushed her in New Hampshire 86.2% to 13.6%.

The nation has known Hillary for 25 years. They’ve only known Bernie for less than one.