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About Andy:

In May 2014, when NASA announced that the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and 20 feet of rapid global sea level increase is now “unstoppable,” (thanks to James Inhofe and the climate denialists) there was only one American who had already known and warned us about this for 16 years: Andy Caffrey

While Hillary Clinton in her book Hard Choices (p. 497) confuses Antarctic ice sheet collapse with melting Arctic sea ice, there is only one man who knows that this situation which we must confront head on means it is now imperative to begin–this year–the 30-year decommissioning process for all coastal nuclear power plants before the foot-per-year increase commences. He is the only leader already prepared to lead the nation out of devastation and into a New Green America.

That’s northern California’s Green Sanders Democrat Andy Caffrey. He would be an excellent vice presidential running mate for Bernie Sanders.

Your support will make the difference! Your support will help send Andy on his national “Clear the Coasts” of nuclear power plants road show to organize 2017 as the #climatecrisis #YearOfOutrage to force Congress and the White House to deal with the climate crisis as our most urgent and significant national security crisis.

Favorite Quote:
“Action is the Antidote for Despair” — Edward Abbey



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Andy meets one of his favorite singers Bruce Cockburn at the Mateel in Redway

Andy is learning to sing every Doors song. He likes progressive rock, 60s music, new wave/punk rock, jazz, world & gaiabilly. He’s partial to didjeridu. He is very engaged in becoming an iPad electronic musician and record producer, practicing piano again for the first time since he was 13.


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