See VIDEOS! Today is 10th Anniversary of Andy Caffrey’s first Climate Emergency Democratic Congressional Campaign Announcement

Here is a series of TV clips and some of my TV spots for my 2011-2012 Congressional campaign for a New Green America (aka Green New Deal 2.0) Climate Emergency effort to get off fossil fuels in ten years. Sadly, if citizens had rallied around this campaign at that time we would be off fuels now… now that ten years have passed.

This is where Bernie’s political revolution came from. The Electoral Revolution is the predecessor of the Political Revolution.

In June 2014, after losing in that primary (but winning 10,000 votes, only 6,000 fewer than the 16,000 that lifted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into Congress from Brooklyn in 2018), I announced my bid for President to wage in that race the Electoral Revolution that I had been campaigning on as a Democratic party Congressional candidate.

I was the first Democratic presidential candidate to announce for 2016. I was the only Democrat calling for us to organize around a presidential campaign an urgent nonviolent political revolution against the ruling plutocratic elite who are directing the industrial destruction of the nation’s democracy and the planet.

I had been sending Bernie and his campaign my materials since June 2012 right after I lost the 2012 primary election. One year after my 2014 announcement as a Democratic candidate calling for an electoral revolution to oust the plutocratic politicians who will never vote for what we need in time to prevent unstoppable accelerating climate destabilization and climate chaos human extinction, Bernie announced in 2015 his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination as part of waging a political revolution.

Today’s anniversary is actually the anniversary of a radio call-in announcement I made when I tried to put a campaign together two years earlier for the 2010 primary ballot. But I was a victim of an assault during that time, so I wasn’t in top form for organizing a campaign to get on the primary ballot. I was running against Mike Thompson at that time but did not make it onto the 2010 CA-1 Democratic primary ballot. I would have been his only opponent. So it would have been very similar to the kind of campaign that AOC successfully waged against multi-term incumbent Democrat Joe Crowley.

After 2010 the census caused districts to be redrawn. CA-1 became CA-2 adding Marin County. That brought in 9 other candidates for a total of 12 of us running for a seat with no incumbent. No more separate party primary ballots. So we were all running to become one of the top two vote-getters.

We’ll start with the official campaign flyer for that 2010 campaign against Mike Thompson.

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the October 2, 2009 radio call-in announcement for this 2010 Democratic Congressional campaign against Mike Thompson in what was then CA-1. The call was to KMUD-FM Friday morning talk show “Thank Jah! it’s Friday! This is Andy’s campaign flyer for that race.

Here is my 2012 Congressional campaign announcement on Chernobyl Day, April 26, 2011 at the location of the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant. I called for a climate emergency response to get off fossil fuels in ten years and explained the reason an electoral revolution is essential and how someone could get elected the way AOC did seven years later. I also present the Green New Deal 2.0: New Green America!

This event spurred a much broader TV news clip by the local NBC station which covered many of the campaigns I was working on as well as exploring other community activism projects. The clip has me saying what Jay Inslee echoed eight years later: The climate crisis was the foundation of my campaign.

Free Speech TV was the first media to ask for a TV interview in 2011. The image is foggy but the message was tight! We need the president to declare a Climate National Emergency and focus the nation on a World War II-level effort to get off fossil fuels in ten years. Andy was laying out in 2011 the path for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others to get elected to Congress without corporate power.

Green Democratic Congressional candidate Andy Caffrey interviewed on Free Speech TV in 2011.

The first message and first warning in a TV spot of my 2012 Congressional campaign? “The Republicans are destroying our democracy! They are literally dismantling it!”

My second campaign TV spot, No Jobs on a Dead Planet, was twice as long so I could explain Greenland’s collapsing ice sheet and 3 reports that warned we must get fossil fuel emissions down to 50-80% below 1990 levels by 2005. I also stood up for our children, for the Greta Thunbergs of the world (she was seven then). I was calling for her parents generation to act. I’m sorry, Greta, they didn’t heed my call…

In my third Congressional campaign TV spot, I celebrated sabotaging genetic-engineering test sites! That’s a tactic I invented 25 years earlier. I edited this spot from the TV news coverage of those efforts in 1987. Fifteen years later the BBC made a documentary about how I organized this campaign and told me I was now a BBC World Historic Figure as The World’s First Genetically-Engineered Crop Trasher.

Such tactics were mimicked and applied ubiquitously around the globe ten years later which pushed parliaments to pass legislation that banned or required GMO food labeling in 70 nations.

25th Anniversary of GMO bacterium Frostban test site ecotage campaign organized by Andy

My 2012 campaign is probably best known for the fact that I was the first Democratic Congressional candidate to publicly smoke protest joints of marijuana as part of my campaign to push for federal legalization of cannabis. This got me on two MSNBC TV shows in May 2012. Six months later, Colorado and Washington became the first two states to pass citizen initiatives to legalize production, sale, use of cannabis for adult recreational purposes.

Here is my complete stump speech at Occupy Mendocino in Fort Bragg on May 12, 2012, as the primary campaign season was wrapping up. Clips from this speech made national TV.

Here is a composite of my two MSNBC appearances and all four of my TV spots, including the fourth one made from the footage of me smoking the Occupy Mendocino joint and my MSNBC appearances. it also included the two times that Jay Leno, inspired by the MSNBC segments, made two jokes about me! Fun way to wrap up the campaign!