Sanders Dem Congressional Candidate Andy Caffrey Calls Out Psychopathy in Trump and at Fox Traitor Network

Andy Caffrey’s January 28, 2018 letter to Howard Kurtz, host of Fox Traitor Network’s Sunday talk show #Mediabuzz:

On today’s show, you and your guests failed to mention that #TraitorTrump called CNN/MSM not just “Fake News,” but “Enemies of the People.” He has been widely and justifiably called out as Stalinesque for doing so.

All of our troops commit violent acts in other nations, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Vietnam, Chile, Somalia, and Nicaragua because the President calls those people enemies of the American people.

So would you call all of our troops “nut jobs” because they kill people simply because their jobs are to kill people the President describes as enemies of the American people?

Trump calls out to his loyalists that CNN is an institution of enemies of the people that is a threat to America. He’s done that every week as our President. He is committing negligent homicide by knowingly provoking the most unstable among his cult.

The TV show Bull (based on the real-life work of Dr. Phil) did a recent episode (#12 Grey Areas) about an unstable, recently fired man who is manipulated by his psychiatrist to kill his potential girlfriend’s husband, who happens to be the boss who fired the troubled man. It happens.

It is clearly pointed out that the shrink is a psychopath (who all throughout the show seems like a really nice guy). Check out the episode. The psychiatrist is shown to be responsible for the murder.

So too, does Trump bear responsibility for the guy making death threats to CNN. How do you think Hitler provoked his brown shirts? Trump is doing a less-directed, but similar operation to provoke disorder among us. Old game of Divide and Conquer.

Trump clearly meets the psychopath diagnostic criteria of the Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-SV), Howard, yet you and all of MSM fail to explore the science and expose Trump’s psychopathy, the (lack of) heart of his obvious consciencelessness. I’ve been sending you the science for over four years. You needed to explore it before the psychopath manipulated the dumbest, most superstitious, gullible, and most anxious 1/3 of our electorate to elect him Psychopath in Chief!

I suggest you interview Dr. Robert Hare, the creator of the Psychopathy Checklist, universally used to diagnose psychopaths in prisons. The scary thing is that almost all of the hosts at Fox News (sic) meet the psychopath diagnostic criteria.

Fox News (sic) is clearly, at its core, a TV network of spewing psychopaths. That’s why Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, et al. can fabricate this bogus corruption at the FBI conspiracy without having the least remorse for the consequences, to respect for law enforcement agencies and their officers.

Fox News clearly, is an institution–a bastion, of enemies of the American people and traitors.

Andy Calls For Your Help: Demand That Shithole Fake President Trump Take Psychopath Emotional Words Test