Recent tweets: Green Sanders Dem Andy Caffrey calls for bus rides to ports of entry instead of kidnapping children sent to #TrumpsConcentrationCamps

Attorney General Sessions points out the only law broken is by refugees not entering U.S. at port of entry. Providing bus rides for these people to ports of entry solves the problem without splitting up any families. But our Republican elected officials are conscienceless psychopaths so the #RepublicanTerrorism and #RepublicanChildAbuse continues.


Recent Tweets:

June 15, 12:05 PM

I hope, as you watch children ripped from their mother’s breasts to place in #TrumpsConcentrationCamps you all now understand why, uniquely among candidates, I have hammered that the Republicans in fed govt meet psychopath diagnosis & that disqualifies them from office and they must be ousted now!

Frank Underwood’s Warning: American Democracy or Republican Pathocracy? A New Common Sense

June 19, 1:00 PM

#Trumpcamps According to Sessions all of this #Republicanchildabuse & horror on the border is not because refugees are illegally coming into the country, but because they aren’t coming in at the official ports of entry. They could just supply bus rides for these people to the nearest port of entry! Problem solved!

June 19, 2:00 PM

WTF! Homeland Security is saying they can have photos of the girl and toddler #TrumpCamps 2 days from now! As if they had to find a govt. photographer, shoot photos on film & send them off to some govt lab for development! A phone call to the #GirlPrisons can get any staffer with a smartphone to snap photos and have them to us in 60 seconds

June 19, 4:05 PM

Since the refugee family splitting and #RepublicanChildAbuse at the border with Mexico #TrumpCamps could be ended simply by providing bus rides to ports of entry–which would make 99% of the refugees legally compliant–every Republican who insists on border wall funding in exchange for ending the kidnapping of refugee children is guilty of kidnapping.

June 20, 12:00 AM

#TrumpCamps Andy Caffrey asks you to call on your House representative to impeach #TraitorTrump now for kidnapping, child abuse, torture, and conspiracy against the United States of America. #Caffrey2018#EcotopianDemocrats #DemandImpeachment #OnlyTraitorsVoteRepublican