Psychopathic Psychiatrist Gives President Psychopath a Clean Bill of Mental Health in New Book

Review of Psychologically Sound: The Mind of Donald J. Trump, by Dr. Sheldon Roth MD

Amazon review headline: A book by a likely psychopath written to cover up for a psychopath even if that means planet death

Without a doubt, the most dangerous contagion in America is not the coronavirus. It’s an epidemic of psychopathy among the wealthy ruling elites and all of the Republicans and most of the fossil-fueled planet-killing Democrats in the House and Senate. This book is obviously written by one.

Psychopathy, however, is not a psychiatric diagnosis. It is not a category of mental illness in the DSM-V, so the author has no more qualifications for diagnosing Trump as a psychopath or not than you or I do.

Thousands of professionals in prisons use the Psychopathy Checklist developed by Dr. Robert Hare (you can get his books here at amazon to see what I’m talking about) to assess whether violent criminals and conmen have the physiological brain condition of psychopathy.

Unlike psychiatric diagnoses, you can actually determine in a lab if someone is a psychopath, and I have called For Trump and other Republican traitors to be assessed with the emotional words test. 

But even without that tool, the checklist makes it crystal clear that Trump is one of the most deadly psychopaths in history and may end up the biggest mass murderer in history, not just because of his ultra-callousness in protecting the nation and the world from coronavirus, not just because he puts kids in cages because they have brown skin, but his critical burning-up of all of the last-resort mechanisms we have left to save the biosphere from climate destabilization and what is now, as of NASA’s 2014 announcement, “unstoppable” polar ice sheet collapse that will raise global sea levels tens of feet during this century.

In the emotional words test, when emotionally-charged words are flashed on a screen, parts of the brain don’t light up in psychopaths that do light up in the rest of us. It’s like a brain fingerprint of psychopaths.

This is the punishment circuitry that makes us literally feel bad when we do shameful things as we grow up. Repeatedly feeling bad when we do bad as we grow up is what shapes a habit of acting with conscience in most of us by the time we become adults. It’s the physiology of moral behavior in human beings.

It’s the brain circuitry of the conscience! So we can detect the consciencelessness of the psychopath by seeing if they are absent this circuitry. If we make Trump take the test, all we have to then do is ask if he passed it. Yes or no?

Behind every sexual predator and uber-racist Nazi and Klansman is a psychopath. You have to be absent conscience to act so cruelly, so brutally, or to become a colluder in mass murder who lacks remorse, like all of the legislators who voted for Bush to murder a million-and-a-half people in Iraq and literally obliterate entire nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.

Just as we have recently imposed zero tolerance on sexual predators and harassers in Congress, we now must demand zero tolerance of psychopaths–conscienceless humans–in our government.

But the tragic reality is that the Republicans who let him remain in office are themselves, psychopaths. We literally have an entire party of psychopaths running the US executive, legislative, and judicial branches. This is what a fascist racist one-party state looks like. Welcome to the pathocracy.

So here is the Psychopathy Checklist. You tell me which of these characteristics Trump doesn’t have, Dr. Roth! Since he has all of them, I suspect you too are a psychopath (VERY COMMON among psychiatrists!) because you would aid such a man in his chaos, plunder, and, ultimately, omnicide.

Then apply the Psychopathy Checklist to Dr. Roth. Just start with the notion, what kind of “doctor” would promote a clean bill of mental health for someone with a psychopathic personality disorder?

If Trump and/or Dr. Roth have eight of twelve characteristics on the checklist, he’s a psychopath. I think Trump has all twelve of them.

Actually the way to properly score the test is to give one or two points to each characteristic that applies to Trump/Dr. Roth. One point if the characteristic sometimes applies, two if it is characteristic of him. A score of sixteen is the threshold for a psychopath. Most of the rest of us score between 0-3.

1 – Deceitful, Pathological Lying. Relentless lying, without shame.

2 – Grandiose Sense of Self Worth (plays by own rules, ignoring society’s rules).

3 – Glibness/Superficial Charm.

4 – Lack of Remorse and Guilt.

5 – Callous/Lacks Empathy/Insensitivity to the Suffering of Others.

6 – Doesn’t Accept Responsibility for Own Actions.

7 – Is Irresponsible.

8 – Has a History of Adult Antisocial Behavior.

9 – Has a History of Poor Behavioral Control.

10 – Is Impulsive.

11 – Lacks Goals.

12 – Has a History of Adolescent Antisocial Behavior.