Original Green New Deal Author Andy Caffrey Begs Joe Biden to Save Planet With #ClimateNationalEmergency

Originally published at Facebook, Thursday, April 25, 2019

Posted at https://joebiden.com/joes-story/ after reading Joe Biden’s sanitized “story” of his “life” up at his campaign web site during the day he announced his 2020 bid for president. At the bottom of that page is the following form requesting my submission.

Because of how he framed the question and bragged about his climate inaction bill, I gave him the straight story of the life he actually co-created with me and the rest of his petro-fueled traitorous cronies. I’m pulling no punches.

Here’s Joe’s entire climate crisis story juxtaposed with mine:

One of the first climate change bills. Joe calls for action to address climate change and protect the environment before it was a mainstream issue, introducing the Global Climate Protection Act. Later, as Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, he organizes several hearings on climate change and rallies support on a number of non-binding resolutions on the issue, in an attempt to build momentum for action to address climate change.

My Interpretation: With all the power of a U.S. Senator, all he could accomplish for us–as opposed to for the plutocrats–since he was 29 (!) was 1) unsuccessfully call for action to address climate change (climate action whenever) 2) introduce but fail to pass one bill 3) organize hearings that fail to accomplish any successful legislating 4) again, apparently unsuccessfully rally support for even non-binding resolutions!

Almost fifty years of failure on the greatest crisis of our time!

Just one reason why I declare Joe Biden the first person to be added to Andy Caffrey’s People Who Should Never Be President list.

April 25, 2019


I lost my life: ever having a wife & children, my home to the 1991 Oakland Firestorm, and became homeless because all of you who ran the nation since the 1980s failed to prevent the climate crisis (a meme I coined in 1986 and passed on to Al Gore in 1992).

I was a 2012, 2014, and 2018 Democratic Congressional candidate in CA-2 because you let fossil fuels accumulate so much that our polar ice sheets are now in “unstoppable” collapse (according to NASA’s May 12, 2014 announcement).

You failed to kill Republican denialism dominating the nation’s global warming framing. Of course when I say you I mean you as part of the herd in both parties who betrayed protecting our nation’s coastal civilization big time. I don’t me to accuse you of anything unique. Tragically.

I warned of this in a 1998 Earth Island Journal paper and have been alone ever since in warning that we need a Green New Deal (I’m the original author of that, despite what others say) which I published online in 1996 at the Climate Action NOW! web site.

As I published then, we needed it to get off fossil fuels in ten years from 1996 to prevent the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

You failed to do due diligence on polar ice sheet collapse threats to our coastline, something I researched and published about in the journal of the world’s most prestigious environmental journal while I was homeless in Berkeley!

You made it so that I had to give up everything because I was warning about the greatest threat to our nation and no one else was doing it. Literally, the only guy who put the cross-discipline peer-reviewed research together to paint the bigger picture. How could I give that up for an unrelated career? If you had been doing your job, or Al Gore was doing it for that matter, I could have put it done and had a life. Now I’m 61. Too late to have a family. Thanks a lot, Joe, for that!

Now I call on you to call for a #ClimateNationalEmergency because our coastlines are going to get inundated by 20-43 feet of global rapid sea level rise THIS CENTURY, as happened 1 million and again 120,000 years ago.

You guys ignored it. I had to put my food money into computer and travel expenses since 1993. For the last 30 years 1 out of 10 days I’ve gone without any food. I lost my home and all of my possessions in the 1991 Oakland Firestorm.

Now you have to get all of our coastal nukes shut down in time. it takes 60 years to decommission them, but they are sited so close to sea level that they will likely be inundated in 30 years. So you’ve got to figure out how to double the speed to decommission and get the nation to settle on a nuclear waste disposal plan. If you fail, we’re looking at Fifty Fukushimas in 20-30 years.

132 nations are going to lose their ocean coastlines. So what are you going to do about that?

I have a youtube channel I’d like your staff to subscribe to and I BEG you to have a key staffer watch my campaign talk from 2017, 50 Fukushimas-The National Security Threat from Rapid Polar Ice Cap Collapse. In it, I present NASA’s and other peer-reviewed scientific findings of all of this:


Please watch this short segment produced by National Geographic and U of Wash ancient sea levels expert Prof. Peter Ward about how we now need a $2.5 billion dam across the Golden Gate (the southern edge of my Congressional district) and the threat of the first 2-6 feet of sea level rise to California’s Central Valley and the water supply for 26 million Californians:


And please read my original Green New Deal to see what y’all needed to do in 1996, but failed to do to prevent the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. So far Joe, you and your pals have been the climate crisis problem. You DO have to get the world off fossil fuels in ten years. If you don’t get it, as year-after-year the polar vortex wipes out much of Greenland’s winters accelerating it’s disintegration, then you’re in a coma.


And here is my original 1998 Earth Island Journal warning on rapid WAIS melt and collapse, if you want to check it out too:


If you want to read my PTSD story, about losing my home in the 1991 Oakland Firestorm because of global warming and becoming homeless for five years, that is here:


Good luck. It would be nice to get an apology from you.

For a New Green America,

Andy Caffrey

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