Original Green New Deal Author and 2018 Congressional candidate Andy Caffrey’s letter to freshman House & Senate members

Originally published at Facebook, Saturday, February 16, 2019

Hi! Congratulations, Representative, on your freshman entry to the House,

I’d like to introduce myself and draw your attention to two planetary concerns I hope you will address with great urgency. I’m here to help you any way possible

I myself was a Democratic Congressional candidate for CA-2 in 2012, 2014, and 2018. I also invented–a year before he first made his call–and encouraged Bernie to join what he now calls a political revolution. He should be calling it the electoral revolution. You can read about this at my web site andycaffrey.org. Specifically, you can read a comparison of the two at this page:


I’m the original author of the Green New Deal, which we entitled, “U.S. Citizens Mandate for Climate Stabilization and Community Well Being.” It has been published since 1996 at the first Climate Action Now! web site.

Its purpose was to show that a National Emergency Green New Deal Effort was the only way to get off fossil fuels in a decade, which was essential to accomplish to prevent the collapse of the West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. THAT was and should still be the primary purpose of the current Congressional Green New Deal resolutions and legislation.

I also coined the meme Climate Crisis back then as well. The main threat posed by the Climate Crisis was and is the extremely rapid collapse of polar ice sheets wiping out all of Earth’s coastal civilization this century.

Twice before–120,000 and 1 million years ago–this happened. It caused 20-30 feet of rapid global sea level rise over just 2 or 3 decades both times! 120,000 years ago, it also reversed course after peaking and sea level dropped 50 feet or more! The increase and drop all happened in one century which scientists call the Madhouse Century.

Welcome to Madhouse Century II.

Since this early GND was not implemented by your predecessors 20 years ago we now have the most severe of prices to pay: the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and 20 feet of rapid seaevel rise this century is now, in NASA’s words, “unstoppable.”

Nature bats last…

Andy Caffrey’s 1996 Green New Deal:


For over 20 years I have tried unsuccessfully to get politicians and the American people to pay attention to the threat climate denialist, pro-fossil fuel policies–including development of natural gas–posed to our polar ice sheets and global sea levels.

I put the science together and it was published in the Summer 1998 issue of the most prestigious ecology movement publication, Earth Island Journal. My worst fears from back then are now coming to pass.

Caffrey’s 1998 Ice Sheet collapse warning: http://andycaffrey.org/andys-1998-madhouse-century-warning/

So I implore you to learn about what is happening right now to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, the Totten glacier in East Antarctica, and the Greenland ice sheet.

The warming over Greenland is particularly alarming in light of the fact that as it has previously, and could again now collapse over just a three year period! We could be entering that period right now! Here is the science I found on this seven years ago:

Greenland could collapse over three years: http://andycaffrey.org/greenland-ice-could-collapse-over-3-years/

Because we are now in runaway ice sheet collapse (which I call the Crisis in the Cryosphere), you must also pass legislation to immediately commence decommissioning of all our ocean coastal nuclear power plants. Many are sited only a few feet above sea level and could be inundated as soon as 20-30 years from now. But our SAFSTOR decommissioning procedure takes 60 or more years to complete. You have to speed it up!

Because of this I call on you to join a declaration of a #ClimateNationalEmergency and #InternationalClimateEmergency

I lay out the scientific and economic case for a #ClimateNationalEmergency in this 2017 talk, based on climate denialist-caused coming rapid Antarctic ice sheet collapse. I hope you’ll watch it. I put 20 years of my research into this 45-minute audio-video presentation.

Every Congressional staff must have at least one person who understands this material and can argue from it.


Feel free to contact me at any time about any of this. You are not just a representative. it is critical to the national security and fate of our nation and all of civilization that you provide bold and wise leadership as well.

Your mission, if you decide to accept it. This mission expires in ten years…

I will be visiting Washington, D.C. in a few months and would like to meet with you and your staff to update you on this material and answer any of your questions.

For a New Green America,

Andy Caffrey
Garberville, CA


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