None Dare Call It Sedition! The Republican Conspiracy to Overthrow the Constitutional Government of the USA

None Dare Call It Sedition


None Dare Call It Sedition! But I call it a confession of conspiracy to overthrow the democracy of the United States of America by a leader of the Republican American Traitor (RAT) party. The unanimous refusal by its members in Congress to uphold their Constitutional obligations is a subversion of the Constitution and a violation of their sworn oath of office.

Because what they are actually saying is, “If the President of the United States wanted it, we Republicans had to be against it.” That’s exactly what they did. They conspired to dismantle our democracy and shut down the regulatory functioning of our nation’s government, and that’s how we all should see their refusal to consider a presidential Supreme Court nomination. It is a conspiracy of sedition.

The Justice Department should prosecute the entire party leadership and the colluding Republican members of Congress. It can start by going after Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. These guys should hang.

Michael Grunwald at Time magazine discusses it in more detail: “The New New Deal – The Party of No: New Details on the GOP Plot to Obstruct Obama”