Mitch McConnell aid reportedly leaked #PresidentPsychopath’s new response to #BlackLivesMatter: Reinstitute slavery of all non-white races in all 50 states, DC & Puerto Rico

Don’t read this while drinking anything, but…

Juneteenth 2020, from Tulsa, OK:

I just heard that an aid for Mitch McConnell leaked that McConnell and the other Senate and House Republicans are going apeshit because they don’t think they can stop #PresidentPsychopath #TraitorTrump from announcing his new proposal to protect black people from police murder:

He wants to reinstitute slavery…

… but not just for blacks–for Latinos, Chinese, Japanese, Muslims, and Native Americans too, starting with Antifa (because he thinks Antifa is an African nation).

And not just in the southern states either, “But in all fifty states, Washington DC, AND PUERTO RICO!” Trump allegedly said in a skyped conference call to Senate Republican leadership this morning. “As I’ve always said, I want to make all of America white–er, great again!”

“What have any of them accomplished with more than 100 years of freedom? NOTHING! OVER A HUNDRED YEARS! Look at Bill Cosby! The pervert! Disgraceful! A disgrace to our nation, he is! He disgraces all of us with his disgusting and indecent black behavior! He should have been deported back to Antifa decades ago before he caused any of those women any of those problems…”

“They’d all be better off as property! Cops don’t mess with private property. They protect it! Oh, yeah, you better fucking believe it, the cops really protect private property! The more private the more they protect it! Yes, indeed! So the cops will protect you BETTER if you are someone’s private property! I mean, what have you got to lose?”

“Now they are tearing down statues of my favorite president Andrew Jackson! Fuck those people! Save our heritage!”

“You KNOW they are going to go after Ronald Reagan statues next! They’ll justify it and argue that he destroyed the planet by starting presidential climate and AIDS denialsism–killing billions they’ll say! Oh, yeah, sure!– and putting us in a fake climate emergency. They’ll blame him for rainforest fires, that pussy polar vortex, the melting Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets, and raising sea levels fifty feet!”

“NEVER GONNA HAPPPEN! I’ll send in the troops–to all fifty states if I have to–before they will touch one single finger on one single Reagan statue’s hand (Did you know my hands are bigger than Reagan’s? Even bigger than the hands on the biggest Reagan statue, Mount Rushmore!).”

“Or they can all go back to Antifa where they’ll all be happier! We can put them on all those vacant cruise ships that are just sitting around doing nothing. All those safe, clean cruise ships! You know you don’t even have to wear a mask on those cruise ships! They use ionization throughout the whole ship! And they’re all stocked with hydroxychloroquine! Barrels of it! I know, because I sold it to them. I had a lot of it and I gave them all such a deal! A really great deal!”

“It will be good for the economy, all of those ships back in action again. And they can really pack ’em in in those cruise ships! Like small cities of people some of ‘em! I mean, they came here in ships, right? It will be nostalgic for them! But no chains this time! I mean, unless they want them, right?”

I can give them such a deal on chains! I’m in real estate! I know chains! We use them all the time, every day, to lock up construction sites and down on the border, to lock up invading, job-stealing, heritage-destroying, MS-13 gang-member, infected, illegal aliens.”

“They can go back home to Africa and build their socialist paradise there in Antifa and we won’t even bomb them if they do! Hell, if they go back there, they can become headhunters, shrink heads, and become cannibals again if they want to! But only if they want to! I’m not saying they should do that! I don’t want to see any of those fake news people on MSNBC saying I want negroes to become cannibals and headhunters again! You know those liars are gonna say that because they lie all the time about me!”

“And they don’t have to worry about giving up crack cocaine, either! I happen to know… because I am the president, that the C.I.A. can keep them stocked with rock for decades! If Antifa makes a good trade deal with us, I’ll make sure the C.I.A. does that for the rest of the century!

“We’re never going to legalize drugs here in the U.S., but they could legalize drugs in Antifa. Isn’t that what Black Lives Matter and the anarchists want, everything illegal legal? And if they do that, I would consider giving them a really good deal on Afghan heroin too!”

“Like I said, what have you got to lose?”

“And if they don’t like that, I know some people in China who are building concentration camps, er, Antifa Resorts. I know from talking with the Chinese leadership that they have some openings in brand new developments there in western China–away from rising sea levels so you DON’T EVEN NEED A GREEN NEW DEAL if you move there–if come September, you can’t pay your rent in some socialist Democrat city…”

When asked, while eating $30/gallon low-fat ice cream, if she would initiate a new impeachment trial if Trump overturns the 13th amendment and brings back slavery, hundred millionaire and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “No, he’s not worth it! I mean, look at his tiny hands! He’s a joke!”

Then she wiped her chin clean and went to the little girls room.