Is Trump Adopting Andy Caffrey’s Reciprocity Economics? An Historical Explanation of Reciprocity Treaties

Until today, for over a century, I’ve probably been the only candidate for political office who has been advocating for a return to reciprocity treaties with other nations. Today #TraitorTrump brought them up. Of course he is not going to pursue true reciprocity treaties so I thought I would explain what they were historically.

In 1884, a relative of mine, General John A. Logan was the Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican party. He ran on a ticket with former Secretary of State James G. Blaine who had negotiated reciprocity treaties during the previous decades.

The idea was simple. Every nation should produce all the essential goods it needs to support the ways of life of its people. Nations should only trade from their surplus production. That was it. The exact opposite of our current neoliberal trade system with the World Bank, IMF, GATT, NAFTA, etc.

Ever since the robber baron Gilded Age after the Civil War throughout the end of the 1800s when the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Mellons, etc. first conquered and took over directing the national economy of the United States for the benefit of the oligopoly (that would evolve with the internationalization of investment institutions into our current plutocracy) they started to wage wars abroad to take over the economies and political systems of all the third world countries they could manage to get the US military to conquer (read General Smedley Butler’s War is a Racket).

That is now the American empire which has military bases and control of the political systems and economies of over 150 nations. So now, since World War II, the pursuit of the greatest amount of profit for the corporations of the plutocracy determines in its own interests what our trade policies and institutions should be.

The Empire of the American Plutocracy (EAP) fights globally everything that moves nations towards self sufficiency and sustainability for their people. That was called by my Chinese history professor in college “the threat of the good example.”

It is the reason for all of our wars since World War II. Our rulers call communist (or terrorist breeding grounds) any country pursuing what Trump now trumpets as the glorious nationalism. They call it the defense of democracy or as Trump did today, western civilization, but it is truly just the military, economic, and political control of investment and extraction zones for the richest elites in the world.

Democrats and Republicans alike continue to support the military enterprise of USA KILL KILL KILL, Inc., as they have since WWII because what President Eisenhower described as the Military-Industrial Complex traitors of our democracy, is the heart of the plutocracy. And all the politicians so far who have made it into Congress and the White House did it only with the support and financing of the plutocrats who pull all the strings in our nation and around the world.

The Giant Whip of the capitalist economic and military institutions is, “You will build your economy around our institutions or we will destroy you.” Which is what sanctions are all about. We’re doing that to Venezuela right now.

So, reciprocity treaties are a great way to encourage even the poorest nations to move towards sustainability and self-sufficiency for all of its people by redesigning the macro-economic structures of their national and regional economies around zero-entropy sustainability. Who knows WTF Trump is going to do now in the name of “Fair and Reciprocal trade.” Reciprocity. Yeah, right… More like the reciprocity of the slave master and the slave. We’ll see. He also said in his speech today that he and the Republicans are, “massively increasing our military budget to historic levels ($700 billion).”

He announced that Japan is “making deep investments in Japan’s own military [rebuilding our World War II enemy]. This will include purchases of U.S. advanced capabilities (sic) from jet fighters to missile defense systems worth many, many billions of dollars and jobs for the American worker.” He is calling his military arrangement with South Korea “our Campaign of Maximum [military] Pressure.”

Just as traitor George W. Bush did, he’s apparently promised his voters the con of a Republican president with a military non-intervention policy, only to deliver one of the biggest hawks and military welfare cheats in American history. So I think his talk of Reciprocity and Fairness is really just another attempt to cover up the bottom line of his psychopathic administration of extinction, “might makes right.”

This is so 1984. Rebuild and refuel military empires and defense contractors while convincing the Stupid 39% of Americans that still support Trump that our federal government will be pursuing the fairest trade policies and support for national sovereignty EVER from the most pro-American jobs administration EVER! Aha! So this is why they are provoking the hell out of North Korea. To justify selling American missile defense systems to the Japanese and other nations of eastern Asia.

My advocacy of Reciprocity Treaties has been posted online at my campaign web sites since my 2012 Congressional campaign in my list of 100 issue positions in the Labor and Jobs section.

My economic policy is explained in “Environomics for the 21st Century.”