In response to Traitor Trump destroying golden word of USA in treaty arrangements Andy Caffrey calls for UN sanctions against US military contractors until Trump impeached and convicted

May 8, 2018

I lost count at 50 lies in President Trump’s announcement that he was going to violate the Iran nuclear agreement, forever destroying the golden word of the united States in its negotiation of treaties. At this point, as a future Democratic Congressman from California, I request assistance from our allies to save the people of California’s 2nd Congressional district, the rest of America, and the rest of the world from the world’s greatest terrorist Donald J. Trump.

Reinstating immoral criminal sanctions against the innocent people or Iran, when Iran is complying with treaty agreements, is an unprovoked act of war by President Trump.

To the Security Council at the United Nations: Please establish sanctions against American businesses involved in developing or selling weapons of war until Congress impeaches and convicts Donald Trump for international war crimes, supporting terrorism worldwide, gross violations of the Constitution and his oath of office to defend it from enemies of the people and the democracy, like himself, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

The American people deserve freedom from tyranny! We need your help! We need your concerted pressure on members of the US House of Representatives and Senate to immediately pass impeachment charges and  convict Donald Trump. The world will not be safe until Trump is deposed.

I also request that you add the United States and Israel to the top of your lists of states that sponsor terrorism and that the US federal government and NATO allies add Donald J. Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu to their terrorism watch lists, banning them from travel to you nations.

In solidarity and with deep respect and appreciation, for peace and rigorous upholding of international law, from your allies the American people of California’s second Congressional district.

Andy Caffrey