In KMUD interview Andy lets it rip on corporatist corruption of both parties and revolutionary electoral organizing in a Time of Polar Ice Sheet Collapse

KMUD Evening News interview of Andy Caffrey broadcast Friday, June 1 and Monday, June 4, 2018

Andy pulls it all together in this tight five-minute political indictment of the corrupt corporatist ruling class politicians who have destroyed everything any Americans have ever cared about. A powerful interview by KMUD Evening News reporter Lauren Schmitt.

Andy: We can’t get anything done in Congress until we oust an entire class of politicians, the politicians of the corrupt ruling class elite…. Once we do that, then there are a number of important matters most of us already agree upon. We can quickly get those things legislated if the rest of America works together as a team and pass the eleven-point agenda of the Contract for American Renewal.

There’s no more time to waste! Failure is not an option!

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  1. The problem with this, is that Marin county residents do not want social change. That’s why the incumbent received 65% of the vote the last time around. He’s suitably liberal, suitably environmentally active as an attorney with the National Resources Defense Council, and acceptable to the Marin county wealth pocket. North of there, the population and votes are sparser. [And Santa Rosa isn’t even part of district 2, probably due to the politics of gerrymandering!] From a radical point of view, Andy Caffrey is the only candidate worth supporting. What this all proves is that direct action is still the primary means of realizing significant social change. More spiritual activity is needed too. Get your spiritual mojo on, y’all!! Everything on the earth plane is at stake now, with the postmodern meltdown advancing.

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