Humboldt Independent: Voters Urged to Support Caffrey for Congress!



The Humboldt Independent, April 24, 2018


Voters Urged to Support Caffrey for Congress!

Greetings So Hum voters! I’d like to be your next Congressman and ask for your vote on June 5. The choice is a rerun of the 2014 primary, but the stakes have changed in the era of Traitor Trump! Now your choice is a Hillary Superdelegate, a Sanders Ecotopian Green Democrat (me) or a Republican who wants to give personhood to the fetus, making abortions death penalty crimes in some states.

I advocate seven New Green America proposals: 1) Fight the climate crisis as national security threat number one. 2) Declare a national climate emergency and launch a national emergency infrastructure rebuild program to get off fossil fuels in ten years. 3) End corporate personhood. 4) Retreat the American empire–I’ll vote against all wars. 5) Federal legalization of cannabis. 6) Prosecute American war criminals. 7) Paper ballots and electoral reform to make it easier for third-party candidates and independents to get elected to higher office. I see a class war and call for an electoral revolution to oust plutocratic candidates of both parties from Congress replaced by community leaders.

If you are a Huffman supporter, I ask for your vote in the primary: Jared doesn’t need it. In 2014, I won 10% of the district vote. But if everyone who voted for me in 2014 gets one more person to vote for me now, then I’ll get more than the 16% needed to pass that Republican who got 15.7% in 2016. That would put me into the top two placing me and Jared on the November ballot. 

This would be the first time in the nation’s history that there would be no Republican on the Nov. ballot, just two Democrats, one a Marin Hillary Superdelegate and the other an independent Humboldt bioregionalist Berniecrat with truly green politics. This is a debate all Greens have waited for since 1980! 

And who would the Republicans vote for? The Hillary candidate or the Bernie candidate?

In our district in 2016, 53% of Democrats voted for Bernie and 46% voted for Hillary. Berniecrats and greens, you have the opportunity to elect the first green to Congress in the nation’s history.

The election is just weeks off. Please visit and contribute at You can call me at 707-923-2114, neighbor. Mailed contributions made to Elect Andy Caffrey please send to 816 Locust St. #C, Garberville, CA 95542

Andy Caffrey