Hillary Trump Clinton reveals disconnection from reality in Super Tuesday speech

Hillary Clinton last night: “America never stopped being great!” Wow! Could she be any more out of touch with reality?

I guess she thinks that when the Supreme Court Republicans overthrew the Al Gore presidency that it was GREAT!

She makes my case that she is an unrepentant mass murderer with her support for George Bush’s Iraq war. I guess she really thinks that war was GREAT! But I thought she said it was “a mistake.” Afghanistan and Libya destroyed by America, that was GREAT!

When she empowered Dictator Bush in the world’s greatest terrorist assault since the Vietnam War, that destroyed the nation of Iraq, murdered a million people there, wiped out Christianity in Iraq, and irradiated it with depleted uranium mutating thousands of babies, well that was all GREAT to Hillary!

Oh, and the resultant creation of ISIS? How freakin’ great was that?!!

35 years of climate denialist obstruction of climate action causing the now “unstoppable” collapse of the polar ice sheets and 20-66 feet of global sea level increases, that’s GREAT to Hillary! As was her husband sending Al Gore to Kyoto in 1997 to gut the climate treaty! Wonderfully GREAT!

The crash of the economy deregulated by her husband and advocated by herself, man was that GREAT!

The nation’s entire black community losing half of its total wealth since 2007 because of that crash, and American workers’ wages frozen flat for four decades while the richest one percent went from taking in 8% of the nation’s wealth to sucking up 23%? GREAT!, that’s all GREAT!

The Republicans dismantling our democracy and shutting down Congress during the entire Obama administration is GREAT!

Hillary the psychopath really needs to drop out of the race NOW! She is mentally incompetent, morally corrupt and a tyrant, a planet killer, and destroyer of the black and Latino communities with her call to jail the “Super Predators” who live there. The devastation to the black community with mandatory minimum sentences? GREAT!

The water in Flint, Michigan? GREAT!

Come on, Hillary supporters! Your vote for her is a deadly weapon! How many people do you want to kill with it? How horrible and murderous does Hideous Hillary have to be for you to wake up and abandon her cause and join the revolution against the ruling class?

So I was informed last night that our Congressman Jared Huffman, who has accomplished absolutely nothing during four years in Congress other than get us a hiking trail and suck up $700,000 of taxpayer money is a Hillary delegate. So this Congressional ballot you have a true choice: Huffman for Hillary or Andy Caffrey the nation’s first Sanders Democrat.

Which side are you on?