Hillary says she has no remorse for destroying Libya and creating ISIL stronghold there



Hillary the unrepentant militarist and mass murderer said on Face the Nation today that she has no remorse over ousting Gadhafi and destroying Libya. Sec. of Defense Robert Gates said that President Obama said the decision to take action in Libya was a 51 to 49 decision and Gates gave Hillary credit for putting the president on the 51% side of the line. She said if they didn’t go in and take out Gadhafi, she thought Libya would turn into another Syria! But that’s exactly what happened because of what they did! They turned Libya into Syria!

“ISIS in Libya is not only taking advantage of a political vacuum by expanding throughout the country with “relative ease,” but also has “booming” financial resources, according to United Nations officials.”

“With a fragile, developing government and a fragmented security system, ISIS militants have been able to build up infrastructure in multiple locations in the country, which sits just a few hundred miles from Europe across the Mediterranean.

“In December, ISIS “held a parade of more than 30 vehicles” through the coastal city of Sabratha in northwestern Libya and “temporarily established checkpoints in the southern part of the city,” according to a U.N. report by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued last week.”

I don’t understand why Democrats will vote for an unrepentant mass murderer who has shown herself to be horrendously arrogant and incompetent in foreign policy matters.

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