Hillary did her part in Copenhagen to kill the planet from climate destabilization after Bill Clinton and Al Gore gutted Kyoto Treaty



ATTENTION YOUNG HILLARY SUPPORTERS! You need to know, Bill Clinton was a hideous president! WHEN HE RAN IN 1992 HE WAS THE MOST CONSERVATIVE OF THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES! Please don’t doom us to another one. Please check out his history before casting your vote for Hillary.

Since Hillary lies so much, don’t vote for her because you like something she says. Check her record first. If she’s not been consistent on the issue, then she is pandering to you to trick you out of your vote. You can’t count on her for anything except to be America’s Margaret Thatcher. 

She provided no leadership on TPP or Keystone XL. She did nothing to go after Wall St. She did nothing at the climate talks in Copenhagen while she was Secretary of State except make promises she never kept. She is an unrepentant war monger who has never said she is sorry for any of her votes, just that they were “mistakes.” And now in interviews and debates she says she’s going to make the same choices today!

As Secretary  of State she travelled to over 200 countries and she still confuses Antarctica with the Arctic (p. 497 of her book Hard Choices)! She writes that the melting Arctic sea ice will cause major sea level increases when it won’t! It’s from the Antarctic ice sheets and the Greenland ice sheet that the world is now guaranteed to see 20+ feet of global sea level rise this century because Bill Clinton sabotaged the Kyoto treaty and she blew it in Copenhagen when the Democrats had control of Congress and could have signed a good treaty.

Bad votes can kill! Republican votes for George W. Bush destroyed entire nations and birthed ISIS/ISIL! Hillary’s votes in the Senate were just as lethal and genocidal.

From Hillary Clinton Is Living in a Climate Change Fantasy World

“In reality, the sour legacy of Copenhagen has haunted international climate negotiations ever since. It’s now widely believed that the U.S. never wanted a legally binding climate deal in Copenhagen at all—even though the Democrats controlled the Congress at the time and may have been able to successfully ratify the treaty—opting instead for a mostly empty pledge of billions of dollars in aid to developing nations. Among environmentalists, Clinton has retained only a mediocre reputationon climate change as a result.”