Help Andy’s Clear the Coasts of Nukes 2017-18 Road Show About the Climate Crisis Al Gore & Bill McKibben Are Covering Up

Nothing has ever made me so sad as the May 2014 announcement by scientists from NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the University of California that the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is “unstoppable” (their word). This means that 20 feet of global sea level rise over the rest of this century is also “unstoppable,” as is the collapse of the coastal civilizations of 132 nations. Eighty of the world’s largest 100 cities will be devastated by this increase.

Newer reports from Dr. James Hansen in 2015 and now a 2017 report prepared for the State of California concluded that we will see ten feet of sea level rise over the, now, next 48 years (Hansen) or seventy years (California). But last year, at the 2016 RIMS conference, an official with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced to 10,000 risk management specialists for the insurance industry that it looks like nine feet of sea level rise could occur by 2050! That is only 33 years from now! NINE FEET!

This is a direct result of global warming and was caused by global–especially American–petrocratic policymakers who, solely to continue the generation of profits for the fossil fuel industry, kept humanity burning fossil fuels for way too long-until they caused the polar ice sheets to disintegrate!

The natural range of atmospheric carbon dioxide during the entire Pleistocene epoch of the last 2.5 million years is between 170-280 parts per million, peaking at its highest at 297 ppm. These petrocratic policymakers who have fought the greening of the human economy for over fifty years have now caused atmospheric carbon dioxide to reach 410 ppm this year!

The State of California report also warns that we are on the brink of destabilizing the Greenland ice sheet, the collapse of which will add another 23 feet to the oceans. Other alarming studies show that the Totten glacier of East Antarctica is rapidly destabilizing (yet another 23 feet!). The collapse of all three will result in as much as 66 feet of global sea level rise, probably by 2200.

So I don’t know how to save civilization anymore. In 1998, in my Earth Island Journal article, Antarctica’s Deep Impact Threat: Is a Madhouse Century Knocking at Our Door?,” after spending months reviewing the peer-reviewed scientific journal articles on polar ice, I sounded the world’s first warning that staying on fossil fuels would bring about the collapse of WAIS and that would initiate twenty feet of rapid sea level increases.

Tragically, the so-called leaders of the climate crisis movement, Al Gore, Bill McKibben, and Naomi Klein, completely ignored this warning for two decades (and counting!) despite my presenting them with the data. And with brand new books and a movie, all three of them are still ignoring this–the most urgent climate crisis–except to mention it in only the most vague and cursory ways.

They are still peddling the lie that we can solve the climate crisis with a liberal green technology pathway out of our plight. They are afraid to tell the horrifying truth: only a radical reorganizing of civilization can save the planet. No kind of green consumerism can possibly save us. And none of them are pointing out what is all too obvious: we have now lost coastal civilization forever because we didn’t do enough in time. It can become too late!  So now it has become too late…. Al Gore, McKibben, Klein and pretty much all the rest of us appeased our fossil-fueled enemies instead because we wanted to clutch on to our lifestyles. We ignored reality.

They aren’t talking about how we must now plan to relocate the 40% of the American population that lives in coastal zones or the 2-3 billion other people who live in the rest of the planet’s coastal civilization. And they aren’t calling out the policymakers and corporations as the traitorous domestic enemies of our nation the Constitution warned us to fight.

In his latest interviews, Al Gore says he is optimistic about our future because the prices of renewable energy technologies are falling! How can anyone be optimistic about this future which is now locked in for us all? You have to be delusional–even if well-motivated–to be an optimist when petrocrats have now guaranteed the obliteration over the next few decades of billions of humans, the total obliteration of habitat such as the Everglades, and the end of coastal human civilization!

My primary goal at this point is to continue to sound this alarm, to focus the actions of activists on getting the world’s coastal nuclear power plants decommissioned, and along with other toxic containers, removed from coastal zones before they are inundated by the oceans. Since most of those nukes are sited only five feet above sea level, we have at most twenty-five years to accomplish this if we want to prevent fifty or more Fukushimas at that point in time.

Tragically, however, in the US we mostly use the SAFSTOR procedures to decommission nukes, and SAFSTOR takes sixty years to cool down (a process that takes years), disassemble, and decontaminate reactor sites. We now have less than half that time to get the job done. Now, we must figure out how to cut that process to less than half that amount of time, and we have to finally decide what to do with all the nuclear waste, most of which is currently stored on site.

I’m preparing a Polar Ice Sheet Collapse National Security Threat Assessment for the Pentagon and a Polar Ice Sheet Collapse International Security Threat Assessment for the United Nations and the 132 nations with ocean coastlines. Starting this month on August 25 in Monterey, CA I’ll be introducing these assessments to the public and to local, state, and federal government officials as I conduct a national Clear the Coasts of Nuclear Power road show. I need your help to do this!

My organizing tactics are to speak about this to as many Americans of all political persuasions as possible, but to focus on activating the anti-nuclear power and anti-global warming direct action movement to initiate the new #ClimateCrisis #NuclearPower #YearOfOutrage campaign to focus on initiating in 2018 the decommissioning of all our nation’s coastal nukes and focus the nation on the New Green America agenda goal of getting off fossil fuels in ten years.

As an Ecotopian Democratic Berniecrat running for Congress, I want to help direct policy development for Brand New Congress and Our Revolution activists supporting candidates running for office in 2018. So I would like to meet with and make presentations to as many Sanders activists as possible.

There are things you can do today to help Clear the Coasts:

1) Make a contribution to my campaign today.

2) Put me in touch with anti-nuclear, student, Democratic, Green party or any other political, civic, or religious groups who will produce my presentation near you. Put me in touch with elected and agency officials who should see my presentation.

3) Get me in your favorite media! Cable access and mainstream TV, community or corporate radio, and podcasts.

4) Spread the word! Share the media that I share with you! Use the hashtags #ClimateCrisis #NuclearPower  #NoNukes #YearOfOutrage. Add a hashtag for any other ecological horror that has to go, like #Monsanto #Fracking #YearOfOutrage.

5) Talk up the Clear the Coasts message! Decommission now! Get off fossil fuels as fast as humanly possible and redirect the nation in a national emergency effort to redesign our economy to create a New Green America. Prosecute the Petrocrats!

6) Check out and share my radio shows and videos Crisis in the Cryosphere.

7) Get your friends to make a contribution today to Caffrey for Congress!

You can contact me at or 707/923-2114. When I’m on the road, try me at 707/223-3793. Even though we can’t save our coasts, we can still organize and create a New Green America and prevent nuclear meltdowns in the process!

I look forward to seeing you!!


I’m heading down to the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Monterey to make presentations at the end of August into early Sept. and again in mid-late Oct. Then I’ll be heading up through Oregon and Washington right after that. This coming spring and summer I’ll be hitting the road to make presentations to the rest of the country, while simultaneously running for Congress in CA-2!
Please get ahold of me now if you can help with events in California at the end of August or beginning of Sept.