Green New Deal Author Andy Caffrey’s Introduction to Sunrise Movement & Extinction Rebellion Calls for #ClimateNationalEmergency

Originally published at Facebook Sunday, May 12, 2019

Hi there,

Thanks for al the great work you are doing to save our planet before its too late. For some reason, however, people seem to have missed the original Climate National Emergency Green New Deal, which I authored and published in 1996 at the Climate Action NOW! web site. Here is a typo-cleaned-up version up at Facebook:

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Here is the original 1996 posting still up at the original Climate Action NOW! web site:

The Climate Action NOW! Mission Statement elaborates on the “War Effort to Convert.”

Climate Action NOW! was the world’s first anti-global warming direct action group, which I co-founded with a small group in Berkeley in May 1995. It came out of the Earth First! movement of which I have been an organizer since 1985. In 1987 I organized the world’s first anti-GMO campaign against the Frostban GMO bacterium. In 2002 I was named a BBC World Historic Figure: The World’s First Anti-Genetically-Engineered Crop Trasher! (or something like that)

Climate Action NOW! was inspired by and modeled after the global rainforest movement Rainforest Action Network which we founded out of Bay Area Earth First! and Earth Island Institute in San Francisco in the mid-1980s, thanks to the support of the great conservationist David Brower.

I’m also the only person to have figured out and warned the world that global warming was already rapidly destabilizing the West Antarctic Ice Sheet which would collapse and cause 20 feet of rapid sea level increase as it had done 120,000 years ago during the Madhouse Century. That warning was published in Earth Island Journal in 1998:

No one else figured this out or published about it until 2009. Then in 2014 NASA JPL scientists announced–before anyone but me had even heard about the problem–that the total collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and 20-feet of rapid global sea level rise is now “unstoppable.” Amy Klobuchar, whom I do not support for president, has been following my tweets for years and is the only 2020 presidential candidate to bring this up. And she did so in her first televised interview as a candidate on Maddow.

I hope you will provoke and agitate the candidates to address the national security threat from rapid polar ice sheet collapse. It now looks like, because of the polar vortex, that the Greenland ice sheet collapse and another 23 feet of sea level rise is, likewise, unstoppable. As you can see here, when the Greenland ice sheet begins to collapse it could do so in only three years! This is, indeed, a #ClimateNationalEmergency!

43 feet of rapid sea level jumps is now locked in and none of the candidates are addressing it. You ned to make sure they and the public do so. I’ll help you in any way you would like me to. The original Green New Deal was specifically designed to address this ice sheet collapse & rapid sea level rise climate crisis.

In 2017, while an Ecotopian Democrat running for Congress in CA-2, I gave this talk in Monterey to train climate and electoral politics activists on the Climate National Emergency GND and how to organize the electoral revolution.

This is my primary video now and the one I most want folks to watch right now. It’s called Fifty Fukushimas: The National Security Threat from Rapid Polar Ice Sheet Collapse.

Now that this rapid sea level rise is locked in, we have to commence this year the decommissioning of all the world’s coastal nuclear power plants because it takes 60 years to decommission them and they are likely to all get flooded in 20-30 years, thus creating Fifty Fukushimas all at once.

As soon as I have some funding to do so, I’ll start traveling all around the country with this presentation as part of my Clear the Coasts of Nuclear Power road show. I hope to re-activate the once-powerful anti-nuclear power movement of the 1970s to get them to organize massive direct action campaigns at all of the coastal nuclear power plants. I hope you will help organize such actions, for I am without resources and live in a remote part of the country. I’ve tried for over 23 years to do so and never received any support. Massive failure by the 350 movement and the worst organizers in environmental history, millionaires Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein.

I coined “climate crisis” and my preferred term for what is happening on the planet, “climate destabilization,” in 1986 and “Climate Action NOW!” in 1995 when we started the group. I passed along “climate crisis” to Al Gore when he visited Black Oak Books in Berkeley in 1992 to read from his Earth in the Balance book. For some reason he waited until 2006 to make the term go viral when he released An Inconvenient Truth.

The GND came out of information reported by Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki. The year before I saw Gore, Suzuki and Anita Gordon published a survey of eco-scientists called It’s A Matter of Survival. In the book, they cite three reports indicating we needed in 1991 to get reductions 50-80% below 1990 greenhouse gas levels by 2000-2005. With that in mind, in April or May 1991, I began to search history for models of how humans have actually organized themselves to accomplish such ambitious goals.

The first one that came to mind as I was reading the book was the New Deal, so I started to prepare a Green New Deal plan to get off fossil fuels in ten years after reading Suzuki & Gordon in 1991 and to meet the goals of those reports by the UN IPCC, the US EPA, and the Woods Hole Research Group. The first time I ever used a computer or went on the Internet wasn’t until the end of 1994. Greg Jalbert introduced me to both. A few months later we co-founded Climate Action NOW! and Greg put up the Climate Action NOW! web site in 1996. By the time we published the first GND my thoughts had evolved and we changed the name. There were definitely downsides to using Green New Deal. Still are.

First, studying history, I realized my mistake in presuming that the New Deal is “what got us out of the Great Depression.” It didn’t come close to doing that. It was the war effort that did that. That is what stopped the production of cars for almost three years, got women into the factories, rationing, Victory Gardens and so forth. So when talking about it, instead of Green New Deal, I started to talk about “a World War II-like mobilization to rebuild our infrastructure with best available technology for sustainability that gets us off fossil fuels in ten years.”

As a green, however, I thought activists wouldn’t like to use a war metaphor in the context of an anti-imperialist, pro-peace movement.

Then I learned that it was FDR’s National Security Emergency Declaration that launched the “war effort.” And that’s why I finally settled on Climate National Emergency Declaration, which is what I used when Greg finally published the GND at the Climate Action NOW! web site (unedited!).

While I was using GND I also found myself dwelling over whether it should be Green New Deal or New Green Deal. Then, after settling on GND I found myself miswriting or misspeaking “New Green Deal!” I realized then that GND sucked as a meme for activism! So I’m very amused to now find that prediction come true as I hear conservatives and even progressive radio host Thom Hartmann regularly misstate “New Green Deal!” LMAO

But worst of all, I realized that Pelosi and the petrocratic Dems in the House and Senate could very easily and would very likely dilute “Green New Deal.” They could call anything a Green New Deal because there is nothing specific demanded in the name.

The reason I created “climate crisis” is that it puts the situation into human action terms. A crisis is something that humans have to react to boldly and immediately. But “Green New Deal” doesn’t have that kind of meme oomph. “#ClimateNationalEmergency” does have that kind of oomph and can’t be corrupted. Pelosi has now simply renamed Obama’s plan to get us off fossil fuels by 2050 the Green New Deal. So we have to tag it with “#ClimateNationalEmergency.”

The meme is doomed. Already, in basic MSM explanatory articles on GND some writers write that GND is a plan to get us off fossil fuels by 2030; some say 50% reduction by 2030; and others say gets us off fossil fuels by 2050.

I’m now referring to my original GND as the “#ClimateNationalEmergency Green New Deal.” I suggest you do the same. You can ask candidates if they support the original CNE GND or a CNE GND to get off fossil fuels in 10 years.

I also invented on election night 2006 the “electoral revolution” and in 2014 became the first Democratic presidential candidate to call for a revolution, an “electoral revolution.” I sent my materials to Bernie Sanders starting in 2012, and curiously, he echoed my call a year after me in 2015 but used the lamer and unspecific term “political revolution,” which misses the point. You can read a comparison of the two at:

The campaign I ran for Congress in 2012, 2014, and 2018 was the prototype for the later Berniecratic Congressional candidates. I was also the first Democratic Congressional and Presidential candidate to smoke a joint in a campaign speech. Six months later, the recreational-use cannabis legalization laws were passed in Colorado and Washington. You can read all about it at

You can view my 2012 TV spots, appearances on MSNBC, and even Jay Leno joking about me at my youtube channels:

I suggest that you start with this one compilation video:

So, interestingly, I seem to have invented the language of the modern climate crisis movement. I would be happy to talk with you at Extinction Rebellion events and actions about this and lessons learned about effective climate action strategy. I can be reached at (707) 923-2114. Letters to Andy Caffrey, 816 Locust St. #C, Garberville, CA 95542.

I think we ought to now ask candidates if the are Revolution Democrats, meaning are they down with the nonviolent Electoral-Political Revolution Bernie and I have espoused against the ruling class and its tool politicians and down with the #ClimateNationalEmergency Green New Deal or not? Do they recognize that plutocratic Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz are the enemy of CNE GND or not? Which side are they on?

I’m a Revolution Democrat. We’re talking about a 100% nonviolent revolution of course, but hell-raising and one that succeeds in taking over political and economic power for the 99% nonetheless!

Tragically, I couldn’t get the world to listen, and thanks to your elders, we’ve lost 23 years for taking action. But thanks to you all, we are finally getting the kind of talk and movement campaigning I tried to organize so long ago. However, it is still too late to save the West Antarctic Ice Sheet or to prevent 20-43 feet of rapid sea level rise, much of it in your lifetime. GND must confront this reality and include shutting down our coastal nukes in time and relocating half the nation over the next 20-30 years. 132 nations will now lose all of their coastal civilization. So it must be part of an international #ClimateEmergency global infrastructure reconstruction movement.

I’ve written up an Environomics plan to get us there:

I’m so sorry this is the world you will inhabit. But as you can see, I tried everything I could do. Everyone else just ignored it and fucked you all over massively. All of the presidential candidates are still doing that to you. But I think you can reach, Bernie, Tulsi & Inslee. The rest are too corporatist, yuppie fucks who had their heads in the sand, all this time lying that they new enough to responsibly defend our nation and your future. Instead, they sold you out!

FYI the orignal Green New Deal had nothing to do with socialism. I am not a socialist nor have I ever been one. I have nothing against socialists and have worked with them from time to time over the last four decades. But I’m a co-founder of the nation’s two Green parties, the Citizens party in 1980, when we ran environmental scientist Barry Commoner for president and a native American woman LaDonna Harris for Vice President, and the modern Green party founded in 1985. As the German Greens said, “We’re neither left nor right. We’re out in front!” The Green New Deal came out of the radical ecology Earth First! movement and Rudolf Bahro’s type of fundi German Green politics, not socialism. It’s post-capitalist leading us toward a post-industrialist, decentralized global economic future with local economic and ecological security for all.

The focus I think you should make at this point is re-linking the Green New Deal to the call for a #ClimateNationalEmergency to get off fossil fuels in ten years. If you don’t do that, everything that anybody has ever loved is doomed in the next half century!

When you meet with candidates, that should be your bottom line: Do they support making a plan to get us off fossil fuels in ten years or not! Demand that they not use the term or call their own plans Green New Deals unless they are 10-year plans to zero emissions and they clear the coasts of all nuclear power facilities and toxic waste storage. As the original author of GND that is my demand of politicians who use the term or the WWII national emergency analogy.

In Solidarity with you for a New Green America,

Andy Caffrey

P.S. Fuck Joe Biden! Here’s my letter to him: