Green History: Resistance or Revolution? Andy asks if reform measures by Democrats can accomplish solutions for any major crisis or if they require an electoral revolution

I started a chat with some twitter people about whether we want to use the word resistance or revolution. I don’t like resistance, even though I am, of course, 100% down with that and involved in it, helping to advance it as much as possible.

But even though I’ve talked about an electoral revolution and in 2015 Bernie started organizing a U.S. presidential campaign around a political revolution, the culture really hasn’t fleshed out what we really mean by that term revolution. 

MSNBC never even asked what Bernie was talking about. So the only people really using the term and even beginning to think about what it means or could mean are Bernie and his supporters, me, and you folks who have ever read any of my posts about it.

So it’s no surprise activists fall back on resistance because revolution is over the top talk if you haven’t got a widespread cultural understanding of what you are talking about.

The most simple explanation of what I have talked about is that corporatist/plutocratic politicians in bed with the biggest ruling class corporations and super wealthy elites have brought us to the point of crushing nations into dust, like Vietnam, the nations of Central America, Iraq, and Libya and the collapse of the major ecosystems of the biosphere.

We have tried all the reform political strategies we could come up with and they didn’t succeed. So now we have toorganize a revolution to oust from power the corporatist tools of the ruling class. 

That means we have to train and support people who are already major contributors to our communities for them to become successful candidates and successful elected officials. We do this with grassroots organizing, upping the numbers and interconnectivity of the protest and direct action movements, reteaching our fellow American voters about reality and our actual history and voting out the corporatists.

Pretty much the original vision of the rest of the world’s green party movements, especially in Germany. But even there, the Greens divided into two camps: the green liberals, the Realos, were like progressive Dems, or maybe a greener Hillary Clinton who says we have to be “realistic” and not fight for medicare for all.

They were, as were all greens, against siting US cruise missiles in Germany, were feminists and against nuclear power, pro-solar power etc.

The Fundis or fundamentalists, were like U.S. Earth First!ers and other radical ecologists who recognized that the foundations of our mass industrialized urban society were the problem! So they were explores and advocates of new decentralized and deeply ecologized ways of organizing human societies.

I’m a Fundi green. All of my activism and electoral projects are my efforts to help us organize to get to those new ways in a national emergency effort to get us off fossil fuels in ten years.

That requires 1) an expanded social safety net and all the things Bernie and the CFAR are advocating like $15 minimum wage, medicare for All, and free public college, and 2) redirecting money from our military empire, ending the war on drugs, and bumping way up the top tax bracket (among many other things), to our counties and states to build a community-designed new post fossil-fuel economic infrastructure to meet everybody’s food, clothing, shelter, transportation and medical needs as close to home as possible. I call this local economic and ecological security.

So my vision is much more than just resistance. I call this New Green America, built by the electoral revolution as we grow our numbers in Congress and the White House and everywhere else. I hope this helps us quickly get on the same page about what we mean by a revolution, how that is so much more than just resistance, and help us focus beyond party lines

But I don’t know anyone else who is talking like this. We can’t really have anything other than a nihilist revolution if we don’t even talk about what we want and can do together.

After the primary election, I’m going to send invites to every Republican group I can find in this district for me to go have meetings with Republican voters. I think there is a lot of this vision that can connect with them. Especially my presentation that both parties are horrible corrupt and destroying everything any of us love.

So, what is your take on resistance or revolution? Are you in the resistance? Are you, or do you want to be part of some kind of nonviolent revolution involving elections as well as resistance activism?

I’m simply an organizer trying to come up with the most pragmatic plans, like a blueprint for a hose, that can get us to actually solve many of our most critical problems and attend to lots of suffering on the part of individuals.