Great New Austin self-quarantine video from OG 1980’s L.A. Punk Rocker John Doe-He calls for U.S. Truth-and-Reconciliation Hearings!

Just watched a new self-quarantine in Austin video from JOHN DOE singer-songwriter and bass player of one of my favorite 1980s OG L.A. punk bands X.

Warrior poets to be sure! In fact, John Doe and Exene started out as L.A. warrior poets who met at a poetry workshop! Very beatnik!

So, uniquely in punk rock, they brought true warrior poetry into punk rock songwriting in 1979.

Exene later moved to Idaho for several years and became an Idaho Earth First!er. She then made a recording of herself reading over half an hour of the Unabomber’s manifesto and released it as its own warrior poetry CD! I even played it on KMUD!

They were discovered and their first three albums were produced by The Doors” organ player RAY MANZAREK, which is how I got turned on to them.

John and Exene formed a second mostly acoustic band with Dave Alvin of The Blasters called The Knitters. It was a lot of the same kind of punk rock music played acoustically with some of their own true country music tunes mixed in, like the first track played in this video.

Actually, “Burning House of Love” is a punk-country song performed full out punk rock by X at all their gigs.

Before the third song, called “The New World”–which is mind-blowingly prescient, even mentioning a distressed Detroit and is truly a song for this very pre-election/full-on COVID/pre-final collapse of capitalism time even though it was written shortly after Reagan was elected!–he calls for a South Africa-like truth and reconciliation process here in the US.


I couldn’t agree more! Put all of those traitorous, planet-killing MFers on public trial! Climate Nuremberg trials, I say! Excoriate them into submitting to them!