Former Missouri Republican Congressman Tom Coleman: It’s Not a Liberal Fantasy to Ask if Trump Committed Treason

Near the end of the campaign, while a candidate, after Trump was briefed and put on notice by the F.B.I. about Russian hacking,  he went out and publicly welcomed the Russians to hack into our system.

That’s something that could take down an entire electric grid.

Thus it is warfare, cyber-warfare.

The 13 indicted Russian hackers themselves described their activities as “information warfare against the United States of America.”

“Russia’s cyber attack was an act of war. They significantly disrupted and damaged our Constitutional infrastructure in an attempt to undermine the foundation of U.S. democracy. They were of sufficient scope, duration and intensity to deem them armed attacks. Clearly, they meet the international criteria of an armed attack and an act of war against the United States.”

“Trump famously encouraged Russian hackers to break into Clinton’s computers to obtain emails Clinton had deleted on her private server.”

“He continually called for release of Russian cyber hacked documents that were intended to influence the outcome of the election.”


Trump then said Putin would be a better U.S. president than Obama.

That’s all treason, says former Republican Congressman Tom Coleman, published in his Daily Beast op-ed. Obviously, I agree!


“It’s Not a Liberal Fantasy to Ask if Trump Committed Treason” by Tom Coleman