Politics for Era of Polar Ice Sheet Collapse


Crisis In The Cryosphere: Politics for the Era of Polar Ice Sheet Collapse (radio show)

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In 1998, I was the first–and until 2009 the only–scientist to warn and publish (in Summer 1998 Earth Island Journal) that global warming was going to cause the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) and cause 20 feet of rapid global sea level increase this century.

Then, sixteen years later in May 2014, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and University of California scientists out of the blue announced that the collapse of the WAIS is now “unstoppable.” This was followed in July 2015 when James Hansen and a large team of polar ice scientists concluded that we will now see ten feet of global sea-level rise over the next fifty years and accelerated rise in the decades following.

In other words, I was shown to be the only guy who got it right.

This means 80 of the world’s 100 largest cities will no longer exist by 2100, and most likely, neither will human civilization unless my campaign succeeds. There are 132 nations with ocean coastlines, all of which will be destroyed thanks to the climate denialists who have run our nation for the fossil-fuel petrocracy for the 35 years that I have worked on the climate crisis. That makes the Republicans and most of the establishment Democrats, such as Bill and Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, the greatest traitors to humanity ever!

This is the most crucial reason why we need nothing less than an electoral revolution to oust the petrocrats from the leadership of the federal government for good! It’s why you and I have to stand up and take over running our democracy. Nothing short of that will save society and the planet for our children and grandchildren.

Since most of the world’s coastal nuclear power plants are sited just five feet above sea level, they will all be inundated 25-30 years from now. But in the USA, SAFSTOR, the process for decommissioning our nuclear power plants, take sixty years! That means in 25-30 years we are going to see 100 Fukushimas!

This is why I have been running as a presidential and Congressional candidate. I’m the only politician who is providing the leadership that can save our nation and civilization itself. I’m the only political leader insisting that our plight requires of us that we commence decommissioning all of the world’s coastal nuclear power plants in 2017. No other politician has the courage or knowledge to speak the truth or the experience to lead us out of the worst of this crisis in time.

According to a University of California scientist interviewed by ancient sea-level expert University of Washington Professor Peter Ward in the National Geographic program, Earth Under Water, the first foot of sea-level rise will destroy the western San Joaquin delta freshwater supply for the San Francisco Bay Area and a large swath of Central Valley agriculture. Six feet will take out the delta entirely–the water supply for 26 million Californians and all of the Central Valley’s agricultural lands. That is 25% of our nation’s food production gone forever.

Which means as a responsible leader, and as it is described in Earth Under Water, I have to be the first politician to call for the immediate construction of a $2.5 billion dam across the Golden Gate in order to save the delta and Central Valley agriculture! As an Earth First! organizer, it is maddening that I have to lead the cause that will destroy the ecology of the entire San Francisco Bay. But again, nothing less than that will save the Central Valley or the communities of the Bay Area.

Bernie Sanders is the only other politician who could probably see the big picture and provide the leadership, but he isn’t doing it yet. So I ask you, my fellow Sanders supporters, to urge Bernie to provide the leadership. You can tell him I’m here to help him any way I can.

Hillary Clinton supporters should do the same with their candidate, but as shown on page 497 of her book Hard Choices, she doesn’t seem to know the difference between the Arctic and Antarctica. So I don’t hold much hope for her having an epiphany any time soon, or that she has it in her to turn against the petrocrats. She couldn’t even come out against the Keystone XL pipeline until it was obvious President Obama was going to end the project. But since she could be elected president, we’ve got to try our best.

So please lend me your support and contribute to my campaign. I’ll be continuing to travel the nation from 2017-2020 with my Clear the Coasts of Nuclear Power roadshow presentation of the material I present in this radio show I produced for KMUD radio. So please bring me to your community to educate your neighbors and political leaders and let’s Clear the Coasts before it’s too late!

To book a show you can call me at (707) 923-2114 or email me at voter@andycaffrey.org

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