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For eight years, the Republicans in Congress stymied every major effort of the Obama presidency, placing our nation and the world in great peril. Andy Caffrey believed that a President Bernie Sanders would face the same obstruction unless he had a stalwart team in Congress to fight for his agenda.

Andy was the first Congressional candidate pledged to fully support a President Bernie Sanders agenda. This made him the first Sanders Democrat to run for Congress, or the first Berniecrat.

Andy is the only Democrat who has been warning us that the primary agenda of the Congressional Republicans and President Trump is the dismantling of our democratic form of government. Now President Trump has appointed cabinet secretaries who had previously pledged to destroy the government agencies they are now sworn to protect!

Nothing has been accomplished by the new Congress and nothing will be accomplished because these Republicans are traitors who have declared our government their enemy! We need an Electoral Revolution in 2018 and 2020 to oust these tyrants and traitors! We need to impeach Trump and elect Bernie our president in 2020!

The more the Republicans clog up Congress with bogus hearings on phony issues like Benghazi and repealing Obamacare, the more of it they shut down–the fewer laws they pass–the more the Big Corporations and Super Rich elites win and remain unregulated. That is the aim of their conspiracy! But citizens don’t seem to realize what doesn’t get accomplished that needs to get accomplished because of these criminal wastes of resources and time.

There is a class war and it’s being waged by the rich against you and your children. We need to fight back now, or we’ll lose everything anybody has ever loved, including the entire planet!

Your support will make the difference! Andy was the first to call for an Electoral Revolution and Bernie joined that call for his political revolution.

Andy coined the meme climate crisis over twenty years ago and was the first to call the climate crisis the nation’s greatest national security threat. He was the only person to warn that staying on the fossil fuel death march was going to trigger the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet causing twenty feet of global sea level rise this century!

In 2014, NASA, JPL, and UC Irvine scientists confirmed Andy was the only guy who got that right! A 2017 report for the state of California expects ten feet of sea level rise over the next 70 years! The coastlines of 132 nations are now doomed because of the climate denialist traitors who kept us on fossil fuels until it was too late to keep the ice sheets intact, undermining out national security and effectively launching war against 131 other nations!

Bernie and President Obama agree with him. So does Pope Francis! No one will fight harder or be a smarter ally for Bernie in Congress when we elect Bernie in 2020. No one will do more to get climate action and protect the American people from rapid sea level rise than Andy will. No one else will work harder and get Trump impeached and convicted. In fact, Andy comes from the Logan family that impeached President Andrew Johnson! Waging impeachment is a family tradition!

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