Congressional Candidate Andy Caffrey Produces New Mini-Album of Hungarian-Austrian Bio-Organic Trance Band Airtist to Benefit Nor Cal Fire Victims



Airtist Sempervirens (Airtist Evergreen, Brothers of the Redwoods): Live From KMUD Studio B! It’s the musical performances from my KMUD interview with the Hungarian/Austrian band Airtist two weeks ago. You can listen to the whole thing for free here.

Except for the song intros, all the rest of the interview is edited out. This is a 17-minute mini-album of FRENZY MUSIC as a gift from them and me to you as an encouragement to your help of the communities torn up by this October’s fires. Thank you for that help to our friends, family, and neighbors!

Maybe this music will become a benefit release for the Mendocino fire victims directly. It is with that intent that the band and I have edited this live album together. If you have suggestions of to whom and how we should direct funds to the best support groups, please let us know.

If you have technical suggestions for the best arrangements to make for raising money through distributing this album, let us know about that too.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve produced a live album of deep music that I truly adore from our new ecological culture of reintegration. The first album I ever produced was live music recorded by Earth First! musicians performing on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Battle Cries From the North Rim (1987).

The large-scale tragedy of these fires has honed our focus to redirect our energies towards a healing and restorative future for us all and whatever assistance we can contribute to the traumatized among us.

If anybody has any ideas for how we could release theses recordings to best benefit our Mendocino neighbors, please get in touch with Airtist at their Facebook page or me.