Chomsky’s Greatest Fear of a Trump Presidency? Human Extinction from Global Warming says Cruz worse


Chomsky points out that because of global warming, the northern temperate zone is already effectively moving more than 30 feet per day towards the equator! This is why tropical diseases are appearing in new regions every year and growing more virulent.

I’ve been saying it for years: The greatest threat to national and planetary security is the Republican Organized Crime Syndicate and Terrorism Network. It’s time for us to stop our delusions and stop denying reality. We have to call them out and prosecute them before they destroy the planet. The House and Senate Republicans are traitors conspiring to dismantle our democracy and undermine the national security of the United States for the benefit of the fossil fuel industry plutocrats.

All it’s going to take for them to do it is for all good Americans to do nothing powerful enough to stop them. If the love your country and if you love your planet, it’s time for YOU to join the Electoral Revolution!

The point of “Black Lives Matter” is not that other lives don’t. It’s that to too many people black lives don’t matter.

So here’s a slogan for your next green t-shirt: “Planet Earth Matters!”

To learn more about the Republican fossil-fuel conspiracy, what it has done to the planet, and what you can do about it, please read, view, and listen to the materials I have here at “Politics for the Era of Polar Ice Collapse.”