Caffrey’s Emphasis: It’s Time for Hillary and Bernie Supporters to Get Real About the Revolution!

Mr. Caffrey Goes to Washington


Can any Hillary supporter explain to me how Hillary will get anything more through an obstructionist Republican House and Senate any more successfully than Obama has?

The prime objective of the Republicans running the legislature is to keep the federal government from regulating the corporations in any way and to keep the war machine humming along. That is the Koch brothers’ objective. It seems to me that the only things Hillary will get through will be the centrist Dem things that Bill Clinton got through, all the stuff we hate.

So, I think it’s a bum rap of the Hillary supporters to charge that Bernie won’t get any of his revolutionary agenda through Congress when she has no way of doing it either. At least Bernie realizes we have to get millions to DC to pressure Congress to at least try. Hillary thinks her–gag! gasp! hurl!–”charm” will prevail with them.

I think they are both wrong and both overestimating what they can accomplish. That’s why I’ve been running for Congress since 2012. We have to oust the plutocrats from Congress, or at least a few dozen of them, if we are ever again going to have a functioning federal government–functioning in a non-planet killing way that is.

I think both Hillary and Bernie supporters are somewhat delusional. They seem to think their candidate can otherwise somehow make a dent in the situation. Of course, we need a helluva lot more than a dent! We need to disempower corporations and military interests. That’s why I’ve been insisting that we have to have an electoral revolution and that means working in this fight every week for the rest of our lives, not just until November 8, 2016.

Hillary supporters strike me as people who want to get her elected and then go back to shopping at the mall. Even though Bernie is rightly calling for a political revolution, I’ve yet to hear any of his supporters other than one or two on TV, talking up this aspect of his program. I think they want to get him elected and then go back to their smart phone realities too.

And yes, I’m overstating it a bit. I know there are some admirable, truly dedicated activists working for both candidates, but I bet it’s not even 10% of them. So I’m calling on that 10% to help the other 90% to get real that we need an electoral revolution and spread the word that my Congressional bid is the best way they can get that ousting-of-the-plutocrats revolution rolling.

After the November election, they should jump onto my Clear the Coasts of Nuclear Power bandwagon–even before the inauguration–and demand that Congress and the President start the decommissioning of every coastal nuclear power plant in 2017 and defend our national security by planning and immediately implementing a rapid course for the nation and the rest of the world to get off fossil fuels as fast as humanly possible. It’s time to organize to build a New Green America.

That movement–which can arise out of the already large anti-nuclear power and environmentalist movements–should be waiting in DC for the new president and Congress by inauguration day. It’s We the People or Bust!