BBC World Historic Figure Andy Caffrey is Earth’s first anti-GMO grassroots organizer



Now and then. In 1987 I organized a campaign against the release of a genetically-altered bacterium called Frostban and Ice-minus. The campaign ended up bankrupting Advanced Genetic Sciences and ended the atmospheric release globally of GMO bacteria ever since.

In 2002 the BBC named me a World Historic Figure as the World’s First Anti-Genetically-Engineered Crop Trasher and came out to Humboldt County to film a documentary on my campaign.

GM crops: A bitter harvest?

I’ve been fighting GMO’s ever since, most recently as a campaigner and petitioner for California’s Proposition 37 and Humboldt County’s Prop P. Prop P won. The first video here is a talk I gave a few weeks before the Prop P vote and I explain my current goal to bring down Monsanto before it’s genetic pollution destroys the world’s natural food seed stocks.

The second video is a compilation of my TV appearances during the first part of the 1987 campaign.