Andy’s Tweets 8/21/17: Biggest Terrorist Threat in the US is Not From Afghans But From Mostly White Christian Republican Men With Guns and Cars

We got an 87% eclipse here in Garberville. REALLY noticeable temperature drop, maybe ten degrees. It went from humid warm to definitely cool. Interesting that the sun-moon-earth are big enough to push Trump out of the TV news for a couple of hours. But apparently that has bummed out Trump who’s tweeted that it’s a fake eclipse, brought to us by the same people who faked the moon landing…


Trump says we’re in Afghanistan to kill terrorists, but all the terrorists who kill Americans already live here. Most of them are white, Christian, Republican men with guns and cars. They aren’t coming in from Afghanistan. We have no right to kill a million of them to prevent “Afghan terrorists” from killing a couple of us some day.

We killed a million and a half Iraqis because all the Republicans and Democrats in Congress made the mistake of believing the lying psychopath George W. Bush that Saddam Hussein was helping Osama bin Laden take down the Twin Towers.

All of our most important mass-murdering planet-killing enemies here and abroad are running the Republican and Democratic parties and filling up the seats of Congress and the offices of the White House.