Andy’s Tweets 8/15/17: Today The Republican Party Lost Its Defense To Being Called Out As Nazis

McGovern: This is sick. is defending neo-Nazis and white supremacists — again. Let that sink in.

Andy’s reply to Jim McGovern: So when are you going to impeach the Nazi apologist and terrorist in chief?


Are you ready yet to see Trump/Republican apologists are lethal psychopaths w/o conscience? Here’s the science.


Dem Congress. candidate Caffrey: All House Repubs must NOW choose support a Nazi sympathizer or impeach him


Dem Cong. candidate Caffrey offers Repub psychopathy test: they don’t condemn Trump by name=Psychopath


Trump is a Nazi-lover, son of a Klansman & Australian govt says a mafiosi


This is just the beginning-Welcome to 2nd U.S. Civil War-1/4 of Americans are traitors taking down our institutions of democracy! This means we must fight and defeat them starting with Trump impeachment and indictments. They ARE the enemy! This isn’t a TV show! Which side are you on?


Today the Republican party forever lost its defense to being called out as Nazis


#Caffrey2018 Retweet if you do too: I stand with #HeatherHeyer against Trump’s Red Hats, White Hoods & Black Shirts!


“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” – Heather Heyer