Andy’s letter asking “Gasland’s” Josh Fox to make film on polar ice collapse & nukes

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Dear Josh,
I saw you on MSNBC after the Democratic debate. You said something powerful, but outdated when you said that Miami WILL be under water IF we continue with coal, etc.
Miami can not be saved anymore. No matter what, it is now guaranteed to be under water along with 79 of the world’s 100 biggest cities by century’s end. This is because the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is now “unstoppable.”
For twenty years, I’ve been warning of this collapse and pointing out that this means twenty feet of RAPID global sea level rise. One million years ago and 120,000 years ago this meant eight to twelve inches per year of sea level rise of twenty feet. When WAIS goes, it goes fast!
In May 2014, NASA, JPL, and UC Irvine scientists made the announcement that the collapse of WAIS is truly “unstoppable.” No one really looked into what that meant, even after James Hansen’s study came out the next year.
In July 2015, James Hansen published a study showing that we are now going to see ten feet of global sea level rise over the next 50 years and an accelerated rate in the decades following.
So your comments got me thinking that you might want to do a project on my gravest concern: that threat of an “unstoppable” collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to the world’s coastal nuclear power plants.
SAFSTOR is the U.S. protocol for shutting down nukes and takes 60 years. Compare that to Hansen’s ten feet of sea level rise over fifty years.
My understanding is that most of our coastal nukes are sited five feet above sea level which means they’ll all be inundated 25-30 years from now.
This year I’m launching a Clear the Coasts road show to get the message out that this means next year we have to commence decommissioning procedures for ALL the world’s coastal nuclear power plants.
This also means we have to finally decide what we are going to do with the nation’s nuclear waste.
Of course, no one but me is talking about this in a political context, which is why I’ve had to run as a Democratic presidential candidate for the last two years. That’s actually worked somewhat. For a year as such a candidate I sent my climate materials to the Pope, along with about 100 world leaders. I think I likely had something to do with the Pope issuing his encyclical.
I also have been sending materials to Bernie and Obama for about three years asking them to call the climate crisis our top national security threat. Both of them did that in the last few months.
But a film would be critical to getting this message to really sink deep into the American political psyche and go viral. It could become a fast and intense political movement like same-sex marriage and now marijuana legalization that suddenly becomes ubiquitous across the nation. I’m trying to get that to happen in THIS election cycle, but with little more success.
I did an hour-long radio show about all of this material. My write up and that show are here:
On that page you can watch an excerpt from National Geographic’s Earth Under Water video. A UC scientist reports that the first single foot of sea level rise will take out all of the fresh water in the western San Joaquin delta to the San Francisco Bay. Six feet will take out the entire delta and destroy the water to 26 million Californians and destroy 25% of the nation’s agricultural output. So that is certain to happen over the next 35 years or so.
So as a presidential candidate and now as a Sanders Democrat Congressional candidate I have to call for the building of the San Francisco Golden Gate dam described in the Nat Geo program! This is about as depressing as it gets…
I hope you can make such a film. I’ve done just about all I can do with my meager resources. And if you can help me with my Clear the Coasts road show, that would be so very helpful.
Thanks for what you’re doing. Your films are a great service to us all.
For a New Green America,
Andy Caffrey