Andy’s Initiating Idea Reviews in Online Community Conversations Beginning Sunday

I’m going to start producing blog posts and Facebook Live conversations called “Idea Reviews.” The Original Meaning of What it Meant to be Religious will be the first one. That will be broadcast live at my personal Facebook page on Sunday.
My Ecotopia or Extinction: Reform or Revolution Facebook Live chat yesterday with John D Rachel, organizer and author of The Peace Dividend, has catalyzed a number of new things.
Idea Reviews
I’m thinking of spending more time putting the new paradigm into policy discussions, Community Conversations. For example, a neuroendocrinologist named Robert Sapolsky looks at how our brains work and it leads him to question our whole punishment for crime paradigm.
So I’ll find some excerpts from books (either from entire books I’m reading or maybe just from Kindle samples of books I never fully read) or sometimes audiobook samples (which can be pretty awesome, like these ones I’m reading tonight by Karen Armstrong on the origins of religion and even what it means to be “religious.”).
Then I’ll write book reviews of just ideas from those excerpts! I may never read more than a few pages of a book, so I can’t truly call them book reviews. But I might find some great ideas in a book, so why not write reviews of those interesting ideas and discuss them live online? Then, collect the audio samples and play them for you and discuss them during a Facebook Live conversation with all of you!
And since I’m working to become an effective legislator, these blog posts and Facebook Live Community Conversations will be exercises in turning these ideas about how reality really works (“Getting Real About Reality”) into Electoral Revolution policy reforms to be proposed as pragmatic elaborations on the New Green America Agenda successfully legislated by a Brand New Congress we get elected in 2018.
So my first Facebook Live Community Conversation will be Sunday in the early afternoon, around 1 PM Emerald Triangle Time (PDT). May 14. For now, tune in at my personal Facebook Page. That will shift at some point to the Andy Caffrey for Congress Facebook page.
It will focus on two excerpts of Karen Armstrong audiobooks on the origins of religion. You can go to the amazon page and listen to the first excerpt now if you want to. The book is Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence.

I find this stuff incredibly interesting! I think you will too!