Andy’s Briefing to Sanders Institute to Emphasize Collapsing Polar Ice Sheet National Security Threat

Hi. I’m a Democratic Congressional candidate for CA-2. I’ve been researching collapsing polar ice sheets since 1995. Your climate fact sheet and the IPCC 2014 summary are way out of date. As you can see here, 99.99% of climate scientists, not 97%, see global warming as human caused and important:

Also, I am still the only candidate pointing out that collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and 20 feet of global sea level rise is, as NASA and JPL reported in May 2014, “unstoppable.” You can see videos of the scientists and listen to my two radio shows about the topic here:

Then click on this link for my update on the threat to national security:

Two months ago a report prepared for the state of California was issued that shows that sea level is going to rise ten feet over the next 70 years!

The report also indicates that the Greenland ice sheet is on the verge of collapse. That would mean another 24 feet of global sea level rise! Mostly over the next 50+ years!

Yet, I am still the only Democratic candidate talking about this! It seems to me that we must point out that the Republicans and Democrats who kept us on the fossil fuel path until they caused the collapse of our ice sheets are the ones responsible for this! We need to change the framing on global warming into a discussion on politicians who are our greatest threat to national security.

I was very happy to see in the presidential campaign that Bernie responded to my plea that he present this as our greatest national security threat, but he never mentioned collapsing polar ice sheets was “unstoppable,” nor the need to get off fossil fuels as fast as possible to prevent the collapse of the Greenland ice sheet.

We also must discuss immediately commencing the decommissioning of all the world’s coastal nuclear power plants. Most of them are sited five feet above sea level and so according to these polar ice-collapse sea level rise projections, will be inundated in 30 years. The usual decommissioning procedure SAFSTOR takes 60 years. If polar ice collapse kicks in like it did 120,000 years ago and one million years ago, it is going to suddenly go up 8 inches per year for 20-30 years or more.

James Hansen’s 2015 projection predicts ten feet of sea level rise over just the next fifty years.

If we wait until that accelerated collapse begins, then we won’t have time to cool down the nukes before dismantling them. We’re looking at 50 Fukushimas all at once! It is critically important to the survival of civilization and to all life on earth that we now bring insistently presenting these urgent concerns into the 2018 and 2020 campaigns.