Andy’s 1995 Climate Emergency War Effort to Convert from Fossil Fuels Interview on San Francisco’s Live 105 Modern Rock FM with Harry O

Maybe my best interview as Earth First! advocate?

I uncovered a San Francisco Live 105 FM Modern Rock radio interview with me talking with Harry O about the #ClimateEmergency #GreenNewDeal War Effort to rebuild civilization IN 1995!

The interview was Sept. 17, 1995.

First Green New Deal proposal was developed and made by Andy Caffrey, who was in the Green party & Earth First! at the time but received no help from either of them at the time…

But this interview with me was mostly as an Earth First! and Headwaters Forest/native forest advocate.

Topics covered:

What is Earth First!

How Andy becomes an Ecowarrior.

Going after the corporations to hold them accountable.

Internalizing ecological costs.

Can’t sue corporations because of state and federal exemptions in California and from Bill Clinton.

We, all Americans, are ourselves the problem.

Our cognitive dissonance is a disaster for the Earth.

Our ecological problems are caused by our way of life and capitalist industrialist privatized infrastructure.

William Catton’s Daily Survival Calorie Needs of hunter-gathers vs modern consumers.

Green New Deal/War Effort to convert discussion I:

We need a national focus on post-fossil-fuels infrastructure reconstruction.

Ecosystem collapse.

Ice Shelf collapse.

Scientists announce we are now definitely in the Greenhouse Effect.

Andy predicts polar vortex/El Nino lock phenomenon in 1995.

Headwaters Forest:

Bill Clinton’s moratorium on enforcing ESA violations.

CA State logging management corruption.

How Earth First! works in coalition with other groups & lawyers.

There is no separation between humans and the rest of nature.

Climate change is already taking down the biggest redwood trees at Bull Creek.

We need to save ALL of the native forests that are left!

Log exports mean job exports.

Protections are different on private forestlands and government forestlands.

Solidarity efforts with timber workers.

Native forest ecology.

How automation destroys jobs.

Andy predicts the Trumpster history & reality deniers.

Because corporations own the means of production they get all the gains and the workers get none from productivity increases over the decades.

Green New Deal/War Effort to convert discussion II:

Three climate reports make the case to get off fossil fuels in ten years.

It means we will have a massive job loss to deal with as we shut down major sectors.

This requires the national teamwork of a war effort to convert ASAP.

Requires that we do bioregional ecological carrying-capacity assessments to determine limits of natural resource extractions and human impacts.

The population problem is the biggest in modern consumer society, especially American impacts.

Harry O: “This is a tough package to sell.”

Caller Phil from Belvedere:

Delighted Andy is telling it like it is.

Maxxam S&L scam that took over Pacific Lumber.

Michael Milken bail-out means we own Pacific Lumber: Debt for Nature.

Salvage-logging scam of U.S. Senators Bob Packwood (OR) and Slade Gorton (WA) should be our activism targets.

Voice of the Environment group preserves MT and Pac NW native forests.

Only 5% of native forests left in the nation.

Caller Mark:

Defends capitalism and compares our impacts to the Soviet Union’s ecological impact. Andy responds that it was the USA that forced the Soviet Union into militarizing its economy.

The market can’t deal with decarbonizing the economy 50-80% in ten years.

Mark thinks greed is the problem.

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