Andy Views & Compares CADEM talks of Tulsi Gabbard & Kamala Harris-Writes to Tulsi With Suggestions

Originally published at Facebook Saturday, June 1, 2019

Aloha! Some constructive criticism re Tulsi’s CADEM talk. I just watched hers and Kamala’s (someone I don’t support). First, I was really impressed with Kamala’s presentation. She described us being in the hands of a pathological president. I felt the horror. That got me emotionally engaged with Kamala and I automatically focused intently on what she was saying. I then wanted to know how she is going to relieve us of this horror. She then did just that, explained what she would do.

Kamala Harris at CADEM Convention

Tulsi Gabbard at CADEM Convention

Tulsi, unlike how she talks anecdotally about her experiences in fighting a war, did not first depict the horrors we face, what I refer to as “Our Plight.” She recounted a list of “I will” statements. I wanted to see her talk about what it means that we’re in a climate crisis. I wanted to see her talking about reports indicating ten feet of sealevel rise between 30 and 70 years from now and what exactly that Green Century will look like.

If she thinks we just need a national program to solarize all buildings and build electric cars, then she’s leading us over the cliff. It is already too late to prevent 20 feet of sealevel rise this century from the “unstoppable” collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. This polar vortex which causes the temperature to jump 25 degrees C over Greenland in mid-winter could very well mean that the collapse of the Greenland ice sheet is now also “unstoppable.”

We have to face the fact that we crossed nature’s deadlines and ALL of the politicians failed us! It is not possible to prevent 43 feet of sea level rise (23 from Greenland plus 20 from WAIS). So we now need strategic military leaders to organize a Green Century that starts with a #ClimateNationalEmergency program that gets us and the rest of the world off fossil fuels in ten years.

One that starts decommissioning all of the world’s coastal nuclear power plants right now (since they take 60 or more years to decommission and many are sited only feet above sea level), leads the nation in finally deciding what we are going to do with our nuclear waste, since all of the coastal storage has to be moved within this decade, and figures out how, where, and on what time scale we are going to relocate coastal America over the next 20-30 years.

Tulsi KNOWS how serious military planning must be. Every weakness in a plan costs lives. She’s seen the lists of dead and mutilated service members. Failure to plan the Great Conversion with the same rigor and urgency will cost us civilization and the planet. It is our only option to get through the climate crisis and still have a great society on a planet that isn’t coping with 2-3 billion refugees.

So I want to hear Tulsi tell more stories, not just give me a list of progressive Dem policy positions that she thinks she can accomplish. I think she has to also show how, as Bernie does so well with his revolution rap, how WE are going to organize to fight the power and build a New Green America in her Green Century.

Good luck! You might want to check out some of my “Andy Caffrey’s Getting Real About Reality” shows and Rapid Sea Level Rise Essentials playlist at my youtube channel.

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