Andy to Take Clear the Coasts of Nuclear Power Road Show to Monterey’s Resistance TV 8/25/17

Media Release

August 17, 2017

From 2018 Democratic Congressional candidate Andy Caffrey (CA-2)
(707) 923-2114 (707) 223-3793
Caffrey for Congress, 816 Locust St. #C, Garberville, CA 95542

Event info: Andy Caffrey’s Clear the Coasts of Nuclear Power road show, 10-11 am on Friday, August 25 at Wave Street Studios, 774 Wave Street in Monterey. Free admission.

Phone Rhett Smith at (831) 655-2010 for information about the presentation.

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2018 Democratic Congressional candidate wants to Clear the Coasts of Nuclear Power

2018 northern California Democratic Congressional candidate (CA-2) Andy Caffrey is bringing his Clear the Coasts of Nuclear Power road show to Monterey on Friday, August 25 to make a presentation on Resistance TV.

A Humboldt County resident, Caffrey has been sounding the alarm since his 1998 Earth Island Journalarticle that global warming is disintegrating the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and that total collapse of WAIS will cause twenty feet of rapid global sea level rise this century. (

Until a 2014 announcement by NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and UC Irvine scientists, Caffrey was alone with his concern which developed over twenty years of immersing himself in the peer-reviewed scientific literature on polar ice sheets. But in May 2014 NASA announced that the collapse of WAIS is now “unstoppable.” Coastal civilization of 132 nations with ocean shorelines are now irreversibly doomed. Eighty of the world’s 100 largest cities will be crippled or obliterated by century’s end.

The NASA JPL report was followed a year later by a study presented by Dr. James Hansen predicting ten feet of sea level rise over the next fifty years, then by a 2016 presentation by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) officials to 10,000 risk assessment specialists for the insurance industry that we are likely to see nine feet of sea level rise by 2050. Now, earlier this year, the state of California has issued a report indicating ten feet of sea level rise over the next 70 years.

“This is America’s greatest threat to national security and every single one of our politicians is ignoring it,” says Caffrey. “The politicians who kept the world burning fossil fuels for way too long, just to benefit fossil fuel elites, are the people who are responsible for causing our polar ice sheets to get to this point of instability, disintegration, and collapse. This makes them traitors who have betrayed their oath of office to protect the Constitution and our national security, and that includes specifically protecting Monterey and all of our coastal private and public property over the generation of profits for fossil fuel industrialists.”

Caffrey emphasizes, “Nevertheless, despite all of this, to this day all Congressional and White House Republicans and some Democratic ‘Petrocrats’ are being allowed by the rest of the Democrats in Congress to pursue climate crisis denialist energy policies!”

Caffrey is working with the United Coalition of Candidates and the Sanders Democrats’ Brand New Congress project to oust all fossil fuel-supported members of Congress in 2018, “because nothing less than that can save our nation or prevent the extinction of humanity and most of the other lifeforms on Earth. We need an electoral revolution now!”

Andy’s Clear the Coast of Nuclear Power road show was conceived when he learned that most of the nation’s coastal nuclear power plants are located just five feet above sea level. He points out, “These latest reports show that our coastal nukes will all be under water by 25 to 35 years from now, but the SAFSTOR procedure used for decommissioning U.S. nuclear power facilities takes sixty years to complete! That means we have to commence decommissioning all of our nukes over the next year, figure out how to more than double the speed of decommissioning, and our nation finally has to make decisions about where to relocate and store all of our nuclear waste. Otherwise, were looking at fifty Fukushimas by 2040.”

He hopes his road show will reactivate the anti-nuclear power movement and 2018 Congressional candidates to focus on clearing the coasts of our nuclear and other toxic sites before it is too late.

The community and press are enthusiastically invited to attend for free the live internet broadcast of Resistance TV from 10-11 am on Friday, August 25 at Wave Street Studios, 774 Wave Street in Monterey. Phone Rhett Smith at (831) 655-2010 for information about the presentation. Please show up by 9:45 am to get a seat. Wave Street Live TV programs can be viewed at

Andy is available for interviews at (707) 923-2114 and while on the road at (707) 223-3793. His email address is and he can be found at Facebook and Twitter. More info. about his Congressional and Clear the Coasts campaigns can be found at

Andy’s radio shows about polar ice sheet collapse can be found at


About Andy

Andy turns sixty next month and has devoted his entire adult life to environmental and community activism. He helped form two U.S. green parties and is recognized internationally for his Earth First! activism. In 2002 Andy was named a BBC World Historic Figure as “The World’s First Genetically Engineered-Crop Trasher” for his work in 1987 fighting the release of the engineered Frostban microbe not far from Monterey. Caffrey’s campaign led to the bankruptcy of Advanced Genetic Sciences and the end of atmospheric releases of genetically-engineered microbes everywhere on Earth ever since.

Andy first ran for Congress in 2012 specifically to redirect the nation into a national emergency effort to get off fossil fuels before it was too late for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Andy calls himself an Ecotopian Sanders Democrat and advocates a New Green America Agenda to decentralize the economy and get the nation off fossil fuels in ten years or less.

Bernie Sanders’ call for a political revolution was inspired by Andy’s plea for an electoral revolution. Andy coined the meme “climate crisis,” and successfully persuaded Sanders to call the climate crisis our top national security threat.

For a year as the first announced 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Andy sent his climate materials to Pope Francis to ask him to use his influence to speak out against climate destabilization. The first Democratic Congressional candidate in history to do so, he smoked a marijuana joint in a 2012 speech which got him on MSNBC where he successfully called on President Obama to end the persecution of medical cannabis dispensaries, free marijuana prisoners from prison, as well as to federally legalize cannabis.

Andy’s radio shows and interviews can be heard at

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