Andy gets the district’s biggest progressive political endorsement-Mendocino County’s AVA says Huffman “kind of Dem who got Trump elected…enemy of even the hope for progress”

GOT A HUGE ENDORSEMENT TODAY! For decades the heart of Mendocino County political debate, “The Anderson Valley Advertiser” (aka The AVA) today endorsed Ecotopian Sanders Democrat Andy Caffrey for Congress for CA-2!

Bruce Anderson, the editor, has been a contentious figure in North Coast Earth First! history. He was the first guy to give my friend and cohort Earth First!, IWW, and Redwood Summer organizer Judi Bari a regular column and was a strong ally of hers and supporter of Redwood Summer.

The AVA is best-loved for all the political letters it publishes from community members. That’s why it and this endorsement are important.

So however one feels about Bruce, the community conversation he hosts is the best thing going in Mendocino County political discourse. The paper is widely respected and has many subscribers across the nation. In many ways, it’s a humor magazine, which gives it its charm.

“CONGRESS: Andy Caffrey of Garberville, a total lunatic but a Northcoast kinda loon, if you get our meaning. Anyway, rigorous mental health clearance would disbar most elected reps so Caffrey is at least a good fit. Incumbent Huffman is another Mike Thompson, i.e., errand boy for the wine industry, the kind of Democrat who got Trump elected, and an enemy of even the hope for progress.”

If you live in CA-2 and would like to help post campaign flyers in your neighborhood, just download this pdf, print it out (B&W is OK too), and post it! Thank you!

AVA Endorsement flyer