Andy endorses 5 Women 4 Men Berniecrat Dems, Greens, 2 Independents, and a Libertarian Republican in 2018 primary

Green Sanders Dem Congressional candidate Caffrey’s ballot recommendations:

GOVERNOR: I will never vote for Gavin Newsom for anything, even though he is relatively good on issues for a corporate Democrat. He single-handedly got George W. Bush elected to a second term by performing same-sex marriages during the election year. Of course, I support the action, but the timing was a disaster for the planet. it provoked anti-same sex marriage initiatives in something like 11 states which boosted turn-out for Bush in those states and got him re-elected. Why didn’t Newsom just wait until after the election?
On the other hand, apparently I persuaded him to introduce a GMO-labeling initiative in San Francisco. I was told by the directorfor a statewide GMO initiative that he had seen our test site sabotage action against Frostban and was moved to do something about GMOs. So that is very cool. But he is mediocre on cannabis, and well, he’s a corporate Democrat.

This election we have some really great candidates put forward by the Green Party and there are some great Berniecrats running as Dems. Because he is especially great when it comes to seeing the big picture on climate, something that is now critical that we get right, I’ve endorsed a great Green JOSH JONES
In light of the Contract for American Renewal, we know there are at least 11 issues that most Americans agree on, that a new generation of politicians without ties to corporate interests can actually get passed into law. Josh is for single-payer health care, free public college, rolling back Prop 13 on corporate property (YES!), ending corporate personhood, decommissioning nukes and getting off fossil fuels by 2030.

 We have a cultural education project to mobilize people around these issues and I think Josh is the guy! And he was a powerful organizer in Davis for the movement to elect Bernie President

LT. GOVERNOR: Well, we have a real superstar in independent GAYLE McLAUGHLIN mayor of Richmond, CA. She totally kicks ass! She’s extremely eloquent and she beat Chevron! She has a proven track record and has significantly improved the lives of the people of Richmond. She is the kind of inspiring and powerful leader we have all been craving for years. MUCH better than Elizabeth Warren, I’d love to see Gayle elected as the first woman president of the U.S. If we get her elected as Lt. Governor, maybe we can help make that happen!

SECRETARY OF STATE: Another no-brainer for me, Berniecrat AND Green party organizer ERIK RYDBERG is here in Humboldt County. Check out his videos. Another powerful and thoughtful speaker. I like his analytical mind. He’ll keep our elections safe.

Interesting, isn’t it that Erik, Josh and I are all Greens inside who worked our asses off for Bernie. THIS is really promising, because progressive Dems and Greens can work together with many independents and even some Libertarians to oust the Democratic and Republican corporatists and take over running our Democracy. Isn’t that what we need?

I haven’t seen much on the candidates for Controller, Treasurer, Attorney General or Insurance Commissioner. There are no Greens on the ballot for those positions, so since the corporate Dem is likely to win, I’ll probably vote Peace and Freedom. But if I’ve missed some good candidate, please set me straight on it.

U.S. SENATE: This is a tough one for me. I encourage you to check out two candidates. ALISON HARTSON is a Berniecrat Dem and my choice. I think she has the best chance of making the top two and is a better candidate than my second choice
DAVID HILDEBRAND from the Green party. Check out their web sites and you’ll see they are both very strong on the vast array of issues. I couldn’t decide based on the issues. Whatever happens on Tuesday, I hope we’ll see more attempts by both of these people to run for office again.


ASSEMBLY, CA-2: I’m also making a protest vote against Jim Wood because he voted against single-payer health care for California. That’s a vote that causes people to die. I can’t support anyone who kills people with his vote. His one opponent is a Libertarian Republican I met at the candidates night in Hayfork last week. He is weak on climate so I can’t endorse him. But I can vote for him. He’s strong on cannabis and infrastructure and a citizen politician, so he’s the kind of Republican I think I could work with in government, although he would probably vote against single-payer too. Which is why I’m mostly voting for MATT HEATH to send Wood a message that we are really upset with him. He’s also that rare Republican politician who isn’t a psychopath! I think he really wants to do good and do well by everyone in the district. I think he’s a good man
STATE SENATE, CA-2: I could vote for Mike McGuire. He is one politician who did listen to me talk about the need to clear the coasts of nukes before sea level rise and asked for more info, gave me his chief of staff’s card, and introduced me to him. That’s a big deal. But other folks have issues with him. His opponent VERONICA “RONI” JACOBI*, who is also a Democrat, and a former city councilmember in Santa Rosa, who has created a “California Good Jobs and Climate Plan” and has created eco-villages. She is concerned about “the speed and scale of change needed now” to deal with the climate crisis, and that is exactly the kind of thinking we critically need right now! We have to support rare candidates like this!

Some other candidates I support:

Late endorsement for U.S. CONGRESS, CA-5: This race is close to my heart, for the Congressman is the man I first ran against in 2008 as a Virtual Candidate, Mike Thompson. He used to be my Congressman before the redistricting of 2012 changed CA-1 to CA-2 and threw Thompson next door into wine country’s new CA-5. So I was planning how to throw him out of Congress in 2012 until, well, he vanished from the district.

But he still sucks even worse today for the people of CA-5 than he did back then, except now there are two excellent candidates working with focus and diligence to show Mike the door and help us usher in a New Green America. NILS PALSSON is a Berniecrat who won 12.5% as a Democrat in the 2016 top two primary. He was edged out of the top two by a nobody-ever-seen-him-but-he-has-the-only-R-after-his-name Republican who got 19.5%.

Exactly what happened to me in 2014 when the only R running got 22% and I got 10% with a D after my name. For me, 2018 is an exact rematch of the 2014 CA-2 trinity, but I think I can best the Republican this time.

This go, Nils thinks running without a party preference will get him more votes. A very interesting experiment. If CA-5 is like CA-2 there are twice as many independents as Republicans and almost as many of them as Democrats. Perhaps if I make top two I should drop the D and run with no party preference. How this strategy works out for Nils will help me decide.

JASON KISHINEFF is another Berniecrat organizer who is now engaged as a Green Party candidate. Two Berniecrats, neither running as a Democrat. I am running as a Democrat, while all three of us are essentially Green politically. I’m really impressed with the breadth and depth of their concerns and previous activism. They both have inspiring progressive and green political visions and both are talking visions and plans for the electoral revolution.

So I can’t decide at this late date. It’s up for the progressive people of CA-5 to choose. I want both of these talented, thoughtful, and insightful men to win. Maybe some day we’ll have ranked-choice voting with multiple winners and all three of us will make it in! Definitely look into both of them. But don’t ever again vote for freakin’ Mike Thompson! To quote the Anderson Valley Advertiser’s editor Bruce Anderson about my opponent in CA-2, “He’s the kind of Democrat who got Trump elected.”

U.S. CONGRESS, CA-13: Write-in Green Party candidate LAURA WELLS. No one is on the ballot running against BARBARA LEE, who in many ways is a heroic member of Congress standing up alone in Congress against Bush’s wars. Laura won’t cost Barbara the seat, but I know and appreciate Laura having worked with her in the Green party. Supporting her elevates the concerns and issues that only the Green Party seems to care about and Laura is a capable and eloquent spokesperson for the movement.

 If she is the top write-in candidate then she’ll make the run-off with Barbara.
U.S. CONGRESS, CA-25: A new superstar who can knock out a climate denialist Republican. JESS PHOENIX too totally rocks on the climate issue and says exactly what I’ve been saying, the climate crisis is our top security threat. She’s a Berniecrat Dem too with a strong progressive and green agenda. She’s raised almost $100,000 and the election experts consider her race a toss-up, ripe for taking for the Dems. I would really look forward to working with her in Congress on a climate national security bill. Both she and Josh Jones are scientists, which is a huge plus!

I haven’t studied the initiatives or local votes yet so no recommendations for you yet. Please share with me your preferences on them. YOU can be my voter guide!

I just wrote a pitch to help our State Senate candidate Veronica Roni Jacobi. I hope you’ll vote for her if you live in our district:

For forty years state and federal elected officials have shirked their responsibilities to ensure that the nation would never become vulnerable to dire consequences from releasing and accumulating in the atmosphere greenhouse gases from fossil fuels, dairy and beef production, or land use changes so that those businesses could continue to make huge profits over the welfare of the American people. They betrayed us to the point where polar ice sheets are collapsing, the planet’s ocean conveyor belt is slowing down and our communities are being ravaged by extreme weather events, flooding and unprecedented firestorms.

We need a new class of politicians unbeholden to moneyed interests, and with deep ties to helping our communities flourish. These politicians see that we have to confront the most massive crises, such as climate destabilization, wars, and our economies, but also the ones that most affect the lives of individuals, such as losing jobs and housing locally, racism, homophobia, sexual abuse and mental health support. Our leaders have to design and implement programs in a timely manner as if their own lives depended upon it. Anyone who has ever tried to stop a clearcut or shelter a homeless person on a cold night knows, if you don’t succeed in time, the next day you’ll wake up to find a clearcut or a corpse.

Our neighbor Roni Jacobi is one of those precious few 21st century politicians who truly gets it! That is why I want you to help the rest of us make Roni our next state senator on Tuesday. Roni is a talented, creative, and experienced leader which she proved as our council member in Santa Rasa. Her professional experience as a mechanical engineer has created eco-villages from scratch. Her new “California Good Jobs, Housing & Climate Plan” is a pragmatic and implementable community, national, and international security plan that attends to our local problems from housing, wacky weather and fire security to the planetary crisis of ice sheet collapse.

That’s why I am so excited that we have the opportunity to use our votes on Tuesday to change the fate of our neighborhoods and our planet with our vote for Roni Jacobi as our next state senator. Tell your friends, send her money, walk the precincts for her. You won’t regret any of it!

Andy Caffrey
2018 North Coast CA-2 Democratic Congressional candidate