Andy encourages new Berniecratic candidates to Fight the Power if they want to get pro-worker bills passed in Congress

There’s a lot of talk about top two in California causing too many Dems to run in some races in So Cal so that two Republicans will end up in the Nov. runoff.
The problem is that the better known and financed Dems are corporatists who don’t stand for anything. I bet they don’t even support single-payer health care. That’s how you get DCCC or CADems endorsements!
I think Dems running further north are making bigger distinctions, identifying with Bernie’s agenda, especially on healthcare. But I’m the only candidate I’ve seen who says he’s the Berniecrat and his opponent is the Hillary guy. Have any of you seen candidates identify with Bernie’s name in their campaigns this same way?
I know some are saying they are Our Revolution or Justice Democrats-endorsed. Maybe that’s the same thing… But to say you are endorsed by someone, especially if you have a ton of other endorsements, is kind of a diluted thing.
I’m saying that the choice in CA-2 is about the future direction of the Democratic party’s involvement in the broader electoral revolutionary movement. Do you want the Hillary Hacks running the DNC and Pelosi making the choice on priorities or do you want us to go all out for Medicare for all, full employment, affordable housing, ending fracking, ending the huge debt burden we currently force upon all young people at the beginning of their adult lives if they want to further their education?
Some of these Our Revolution candidates like Gayle McLaughlin realize this is about a fight for power with the ruling class of corporatists, but many of them are tamer, simply suggesting they’ll introduce better bills for the working class. That could work in Sacramento, but not in Congress or the Senate.
I think Alison Hartson gets it, which is why I finally decided to vote for and endorse her. If she and I both win, I could definitely co-create some frequent media events with her calling out the tyrants and showing what we should do. That would be a Senator and a Congressman from California doing press events every week.
I guess I just see a bunch of Bernie/Justice Dem candidates acting like it will be about introducing bills and not about fighting the power…
What do you think about this? And about the problem of too many monied Dems running in a race resulting in two Republicans making top two?