Andy discusses his Forward Vision regardless of outcome in Tuesday Primary: These are Exciting Times!



These are exciting times, regardless of what voters chose for me on Tuesday. However it turns out, I’m going forward the next day, still fighting like hell with all these incredible new candidates and activists we now have to work with. I’ve lost before and many of the candidates I support may not make it any further this election cycle. But we now have the attention of America for our Green and progressive messages, visions, and programs.

As I’ve looked into a couple dozen of these candidates I’m so impressed with how thoughtful, engaged, and detailed are their programs and platforms. It’s hard for all independent candidates, but we are the brand new future. We need to continue to work together to make us all better candidates and future elected officials.

Please don’t give up on us or lose hope if some of us lose on Tuesday. We’re mostly long shots, so when some of us win, it will be fantastic! We’ll want to bring more of us into office two years later.

This is an electoral revolution. We have a class of corporatist politicians in both major parties who have screwed up pretty much everything. To count on the people who screwed up everything to fix things is just madness! We’ve spent decades trying to straighten out those fools and hacks. Time’s up for them!

Now it’s our turn!

So I can still use your help. We still have campaign expense to cover for this primary campaign. If you can, please help with a contribution today.

You can mail a check payable to Elect Andy Caffrey, 816 Locust St. #C, Garberville, CA 95542 or contribute online at ActBlue.