Andy Celebrates 30th Anniversary of First Solar-Powered Album Recording, His Earth First! Music Collection “Battle Cries From the North Rim”

While his friend Headwaters Forest organizer and songwriter Mokai performed at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Andy at the side of the stage crouched to record on his Sony Pro Walkman through Dakota Sid’s solar-powered mixing board the 1987 Round River Rendezvous Sagebrush Patriots Rally of Earth First musicians, poets and speakers. Andy recorded over twelve hours of tape with ace help from pioneering treesitter Ron Huber. He spent the next year editing them down to 95 minutes and sequencing it for maximum Earth First! time machine experience. In 1988 he released it as the cassette album, “Battle Cries from the North Rim.” Photo by Robin Spraggins McCord.


See Andy singing “Holes” with Bill Oliver, Glen Waldeck & Emu Seed of the Wallies and marching with Earth First! successfully shutting down for the day a uranium mine on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in 1987.


Andy has now made available for free listening the entire 95-minute cassette album, Battle Cries From the North Rim, which he recorded with solar power in 1987 on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Musicians and Warrior Poets include Bill Oliver & Glen Waldeck, Lone Wolf Circles, Dana Lyons, Cecelia Ostrow, Dakota Sid Clifford & Austin Lounge Lizards, John Seed, The Wallies, Mokai, Darryl Cherney with Austin Lounge Lizards, Warrior Poets Society founder Dennis Fritzinger, and Spike Johnson & The Spikettes (featuring Earth First! and Rainforest Action Network co-founder Mike Roselle)

Side One:


Side Two:



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Andy (in blue shirt at left) marches with Earth First! as part of action to shut down uranium mines in the Grand Canyon, July 1987.


Don’t wait any longer. We can use your help today! Please contribute your first $27 now!