Andy Calls For Your Help: Demand That Shithole Fake President Trump Take Psychopath Emotional Words Test

The Shithole Fake President #TraitorTrump – Click on this picture to read Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury book excerpt at New York magazine: “Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President”


My warning two years ago of Trump’s obvious psychopathy: Which of the twelve characteristics of the Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-SV) does Donald Trump not possess? (posted March 15, 2016)

We should demand that #TraitorTrump the #FakePresident take the Emotional Words test to determine if he is a psychopath. When emotionally-charged words are flashed on a screen, parts of the brain don’t light up in psychopaths that do light up in the rest of us. It’s like a brain fingerprint of psychopaths.

This is the punishment circuitry that makes us literally feel bad when we do shameful things as we grow up. Repeatedly feeling bad when we do bad as we grow up is what shapes a habit of acting with conscience in most of us by the time we become adults. It’s the physiology of moral behavior in human beings.

It’s the brain circuitry of the conscience! So we can detect the consciencelessness of the psychopath by seeing if they are absent this circuitry. If we make Trump take the test, all we have to then do is ask if he passed it. Yes or no?

Behind every sexual predator and uber-racist Nazi and Klansman is a psychopath. You have to be absent conscience to act so cruelly, so brutally, or to become a colluder in mass murder who lacks remorse, like all of the legislators who voted for Bush to murder a million-and-a-half people in Iraq and literally obliterate entire nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.

Just as we have recently imposed zero tolerance on sexual predators and harassers in Congress, we now must demand zero tolerance of psychopaths–conscienceless humans–in our government.

But the tragic reality is that the Republicans who let him remain in office are themselves psychopaths. We literally have an entire party of psychopaths running the US executive, legislative, and judicial branches. This is what a fascist racist one-party state looks like. Welcome to the pathocracy.

The RATs (Republican American Traitor party) won a revolution to overthrow the democracy of the United States–ever since the Republican coup that overthrew the Al Gore presidency–with the collusion of an absolutely obsequious Democratic party.

A complete revolution–one launched, waged, and completed–that the American people never even saw and still don’t see! Everybody, except the radical few, let it happen because they were given a smart phone and Dancing with the Stars to stay in the Great Distraction the entire time.

It’s Revolution or Extinction. I hope you will support the Electoral Revolution I’m organizing to oust all of the plutocratic psychopaths from Congress with my 2018 Congressional campaign.

Please read my most read essay (over 10,000 views), about Republican and Democratic psychopathy and its threat to democracy and our survival on this planet, and then make a contribution. I have to raise $5,000 in a month to make it onto the Congressional primary ballot this June. Your help will make the difference. Thank you. Welcome to the Revolution!

2018 or Bust!

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Today’s tweets:

#Caffrey2018 #EcotopianDemocrats Green Sanders Democratic Congressional candidate Andy Caffrey calls it “Hilarious that #TraitorTrump will forever be recorded in history books as ‘The Shithole President’ and that he will be the case study of psychopaths Americans elect President.”


#Caffrey2018 #EcotopianDemocrats While pundits debate impeachment or using the 25th amendment to oust #TraitorTrump, there is a third option: force the bastard to resign!

Republican voters–those RATs who aren’t #ConfederateRepublicanTraitors can occupy their legislators’s offices TODAY to demand that they tell the President to go! That’s how Nixon went.


#Caffrey2018 #EcotopianDemocrats It’s BS that impeachment is off the table as long as Republicans run Congress. Those Republican voters who aren’t traitors can occupy offices and demand their Representatives vote to impeach.

When Republicans who feel absolutely betrayed and horrified by #TraitorTrump admit it and chose to make amends, The Fake President will be impeached by a Republican-run Congress and convicted by a Republican-run Senate THIS year!

Democracy or Pathocracy?